Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs

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Whether you plant your tulips in a flower garden, around borders or in thick clusters by an entryway, you can expect a fabulous array of color in the spring! When selecting tulips, choose the type, size and colors that work best for you. Plant in the fall 6 to 8 weeks before a hard freeze. Each bulb is put in a hole with the pointy end upward and at least 8 inches deep. The location should be well drained and in full to partial sun. Tulips do not like continuously wet soil so water only if it gets very dry in the fall.

Your garden can have tulips blooming from early spring through May if you choose tulips with varying bloom times. For another striking effect, plant bulbs among other spring bloomers like Virginia Bluebell, Buttercups, or the Hellebore. Once the bulb goes dormant, it may need protection. It is wise to tuck them in among clump-forming ferns or hostas; these will protect them until spring returns.

For an outstanding show of color, mix yellow, purple and bright red tulips together or try the two-toned Banja Luka. It has marigold yellow flowers and orange red “feathers”. Your choices and options are endless!