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Catnip Plant Leaves Catnip Plant Close Up
Catnip Plant Leaves

Catnip Plant

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Unique Perennial with Many Uses!

Catnip Plants, also know as Catmint is an erect perennial that produces small whitish or pinkish flowers. It is strongly scented with a ""mint-like"" odor.

This versatile plant prefers full sun but will tolerate partial shade. Nepeta is a plant that is not too fussy and is also deer-resistant. Its silvery foliage, topped with long-blooming flowers, adds pizzazz to many a plant combination, and it is easy to grow!

Aroma: Often used in toys for cats. The scent creates a sniffing, licking, and cheek rubbing reaction.

Medicinal: Used to create a tea to treat headaches, stomach-aches, colic, and sleeplessness. 

The flowers also attract butterflies.  For a unique,sun loving perennial that has many uses, you can't go wrong with Catnip plants.  Buy yours today!

* Strong mint-like scent
* Months of blooms
* Easy to grow 


Catnip Plant Is Suited to Grow in Zones 3-9
Growing Zones 3-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Nepeta cataria
Mature Height 3 feet
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Color Purple, White