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Burning Bush Compacta Red
Burning Bush Compacta Red Burning Bush Compacta by House Burning Bush Compacta Red Leaves Burning Bush Compacta Full Close Up
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Compacta Burning Bush

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Enjoy “Look At Me!” Fall Color

One of the most highly sought after colors for fall foliage is flaming, fire-engine red. You will find it on some trees and a few berries, but it’s not that easy to find on a shrub. The Compacta Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus 'Compactus') is a shrub that proudly wears its scarlet color and lives up to its ‘burning bush’ moniker. It nearly glows in the garden.

The part of its name it doesn’t live up to is the ‘compacta’. This shrub can grow to be a whopping 8 feet tall! It takes well to shearing, though, and can be kept at a more petite size.

A popular and versatile shrub, the Burning Bush is wonderful as a hedge or screen but can hold its own as an ornamental or foundation plant.

Spring to summer your Burning Bush will have rich, green leaves up to 3 inches long. In the spring small, yellow green flowers appear adding interest to this extremely popular shrub. It drops its leaves in the winter, but has an interesting branch structure that stands out in the winter months.

Once it is established in your garden, it is remarkably drought tolerant. It adapts well to a variety of soils and climates. It thrives in most areas of the United States with little care.

Even though the Burning Bush ‘Compacta’ will grow happily in a semi-shady area, it needs whole days of full sun to develop those amazing red leaves in the fall, so choose your site carefully. Make sure it’s someplace where you and your neighbors can enjoy its dramatic display.

* Brilliant Red Fall Color
* Insect and Disease Resistant
* Low Maintenance


Compacta Burning Bush Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-8
Growing Zones 4-8
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 6 - 8 feet
Mature Spread 4 - 6 feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Green and Yellow
Fall Color Red