Top 5 Fruiting Vines & Vine-Like Plants You Need To Grow!

Top 5 Fruiting Vines & Vine-Like Plants You Need To Grow!

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Growing your fruit vertically is indeed a space-saving method to include fresh fruit in your garden! Big or small areas, porches, and even balconies can grow their own fresh treats in any sunny spot you have at your disposal!

Go Beyond the Grapevine

There are so many more varieties of fruiting vining plants available to gardeners these days! Delicious fruit on beautiful twining vines reaching skyward and some even covering themselves in gorgeous blooms for spring enjoyment! 

Not only are these space-saving plants with nutrient-packed goodness, but they can be grown in pots on the patio, climbing railings by your balcony to offer shade, and even ramble over an ugly fence to hide an eyesore and provide additional privacy! What more can you ask for an edible landscaping plant?

Top 5 Fruiting Vines at Nature Hills!

You may not have even heard of a few of these fruiting vines, but once you get a taste of one - you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Check out Nature Hills Nursery’s top fruiting vines for your garden today and don’t let another harvest season slip by!

#5 Grapevines

Catawba Grape on Vine Grape Vines may be the most recognizable fruiting vine, they’re also very easy to grow and the favorite fruit of the young and old! While most folks think they need big rows and frames for them to grow on, in reality, any sturdy structure in the sun works to support these vines. Even arbors in the garden, climbing the side of a gazebo, a trellis in the vegetable garden, or a tall obelisk in the center of an herb garden!

You are familiar with the Concord Seedless grape and the great Muscadines grapes, these are flavorful and versatile woody, deciduous vines. From the cold hardy Canadice, Beta and Marquette Grape vines to the extremely heat-tolerant Lakemont and Southern Home Muscadine Hybrid Grapes. Grapes are not only tasty, but they contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that have been proven to assist the body in staying healthy. One of the benefits of grapes is their high concentration of antioxidants and resveratrol.

  • Healthy easy to grow summer treats
  • Wine, fresh eating, juice, jams & syrup
  • Prune in very early spring
  • Any slightly alkaline, well-drained soil & consistent moisture

#4 Hardy Kiwi Vines

issai Kiwi on VineLuscious fruit with a unique green juicy interior, the concentric rows of tiny black seeds make Kiwis a kid-friendly favorite! Unlike the tropical fuzzy Kiwis, the hardy Kiwi vines you can grow in your own backyard are often smooth and green on the outside, and the size of a grape or larger. But they pack all the flavor and unique color inside these bite-sized morsels! Developing from drifts of tiny, fragrant white blossoms in the spring, the fruit ripens in the summer through autumn. Issai Hardy Kiwi is self-fertile, while the Kiwi Magic™ Hardy Kiwi combo has both the male and female plants shipped together for best pollination.

Cold hardy, heat, humidity and even clay soil tolerant, these are very adaptable and fast-growing deciduous vines! Some even tolerate partial shade (but you’ll enjoy fewer flowers and fruit). Lots of vitamins and antioxidants, they are a naturally sweet treat for fresh eating, fruit salads, garnish, unique charcuterie board additions, can be juiced and more!

  • Fragrant white flowers and fuzzless green sweet fruit
  • Bite-sized fruit in summer to fall
  • Lovely foliage and narrow growing, long vines
  • Very cold hardy down to USDA zones 3 and 4, through zone 8
  • Very fast growing & very easy to grow!

#3 Hops Plants

saaz hops on the vineBeyond their usefulness in brewing beer and IPAs, Hops have great medicinal properties as well as create gorgeous shade and landscaping ornamental bines! Aromatic, resistant to mildew and features absolutely beautiful heart-shaped, scalloped leaves in a fantastic bright lush green! The fragrant flowers are like small, chartreuse-green, papery pinecones that never fail to draw attention! 

Used to flavor drinks and teas, Hops aromatic fragrance and flavor lends itself to your garden as well! The lush perennial woody bines (different than a vine because they do not cling using tendrils), can be used as ornamental shade and create privacy and screening anywhere. Each spring, all new growth comes from the roots.

  • Fragrant, aromatic & flavorful flowers
  • Ornamental bright green climbing accents
  • Very cold-hardy, easy to grow & fast-growing!
  • Flavoring beer, soda, tea, and medicinal properties

#2 Goji Berry

goji berry ready to pickTiny, bright red berries on a finely textured vine that rambles and clambers over any structure you give it in the sun. These are often shorter growing but very wide growing flexible canes that mimic vines, full of small green leaves and tiny purple star-shaped blooms. Growing wider than tall, they fill out a fence or porch railing for fine-textured privacy! Soon loads of antioxidant-rich superfruits form that you can grow in your own backyard! No yard? Grow these beauties in a container or planter on your porch, patio or balcony! An Asian native, Goji is high in Vitamins A and C, boosting immunity, while the juice and fruit itself promote a general feeling of well-being! 

  • Cute purple star-shaped blooms
  • Loads of bright red healthy berries
  • Space-saving container and garden superfruits
  • Short stature with a wide mature spread
  • Deer, disease and insect resistant & wildlife friendly

#1 Passionfruit Vines

purple possum passion fruit on VinePassionflower, also known as Passion Fruit (Passionfruit), not only have incredibly gorgeous, unearthly flowering, but they also produce uniquely flavored pulpy fruit with distinctive tropical goodness! That is why they get the number one spot on our list today! After all - Who can take their eyes off those blooms?

Broad base petals, frilly, twirly accent petals and a unique satellite-like set of stamen and anthers that look like it's picking up radio waves from the heavens! Plus gorgeous color combinations make these blooms something out of this world! Butterflies adore these blooms! The fruit forms among the handsome twining and vining stems and lush tropical foliage! 

With tons of vitamins and antioxidants, the tangy sweet and tropical fruit has a low glycemic index and fiber. The colorful pulp and edible seeds are encased in a protective rind, the flavor is exotic, intensely aromatic, citrusy and a finish that is sweet-tart! Eaten fresh or juiced, the pulp can be scooped out for a breakfast topping, churned into ice cream or baked into tropical flavored treats of all kinds!

  • Full sun and moderate to low moisture needs
  • Gorgeous blooms for cut flowers, pollinators and fragrance!
  • Sweet and tangy pulp
  • Great in containers
  • USDA outdoor zones 9-11
  • Small-scale broadleaf evergreens!

Passiflora are broadleaf evergreens and can be grown in warm winter climates outside year-round, or brought in as houseplants for those in cooler climates, but only pollinate themselves in humid hot environments. Sunrise features purple and white blooms with yellow fruit and the Possum Purple features darker purple and white blooms with purple rinds and yellow pulp! 

Grow Fruit Vertical!

Climbing vines add dimension, shade, beauty and delicious fruit to your landscape without sacrificing space! Include these ornamental flowering plants in your edible landscape today and boost food sustainability and enjoy healthful, nutrient-packed goodness right in your own backyard!

Head over to our website today to find out which of these plants will work best for your Growing Zone and sun requirements, or call our knowledgeable customer service team today for assistance! You’ll find these fantastic fruiting plants, shrubs, and trees and more, available for shipping now from Nature Hills Nursery today!

Happy Planting!

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