Here are 10 of our favorite gardening blogs. We think you will like them too. We tried to select a diverse group of blogs, who write (and film) about different subjects and from different areas in the country. These blogs are in no particular order, because ranking them was an impossible task. Without further adieu:  

    Gardening WIth Confidence profile

Gardening With Confidence

If you live in the Southeastern United States, in Zone 8, this is a great blog to follow! Every month, Helen posts a timely to-do list for maintaining your southeastern garden that month. Weekly, she shares with her followers what she’s doing in her personal garden, and calls for responses; what are you doing in your garden this week?  As well as serving to build the community, this gives readers a wide variety of garden practices to observe from afar. She writes about her travels, detailing the gardens she sees all over the world.  On top of all that, every month she posts to the blog a chapter from her first book, Gardening With Confidence—50 Ways to add style for personal creativity. Now is a great time to start following this blogger, as 2016 is a big year for her.  She's on the precipice of releasing a new book, Good Berry Bad Berry. Riding the bliss of this success, she’s dedicated herself to finish her Forever Garden, Helen's Haven, this year.  Tune in and share this adventure with her!  


Fresh Eggs Daily profile

Fresh Eggs Daily

Fresh Eggs Daily is run by Lisa, a fifth-generation chicken keeper who knows all the dirt on poultry. Looking for a one-stop shop on raising poultry naturally? This is it. Lisa raises chickens and ducks in her own backyard in Maine, and passes along her wealth of knowledge on the subject to you. On the blog, you'll find guides to caring for chickens and ducks, as well as video guides on herbs to raise for them. Lisa believes in down-to-earth, natural methods for raising her animals, which goes hand-in-hand with gardening fresh herbs. Look to her 'Herbs + Gardening' section for video and written guides on the cultivation and uses of plants and herbs. In addition to all that, the blog is peppered with DIY projects you can use to increase the beauty and functionality of your space. In 2016, Lisa will be adjusting to her new home in Maine. She'll be keeping her followers in the loop as she learns about gardening in Zone 5, landscapes her new chicken run, and hatches new chicks and ducklings in the spring.  



May Dreams Gardens profile

May Dreams Gardens

This award-winning blog, run by eccentric gardening geek Carol in Indiana, reads like a story. Carol posts all year long about the current events in her Indiana garden. She includes pretty pictures and vivid language in each post, weaving the fantastical into the ordinary. On the 15th of every month, she participates in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, where she shares what's blooming in her garden, as well as links to the blooms in gardens around the global blogging community. If you are in zone 6 and looking for a blog that might mirror your own garden, this is the one for you. It's a great story to follow if you're looking to learn what can grow in your own backyard. In 2016, expect more of the same great work from May Dreams Gardens.  


Tillys Nest profile

Tilly's Nest

Melissa at Tilly's Nest is a career nurse practitioner with a passion for the locavore movement. In her Cape Cod home, she grows a vegetable garden, raises chickens, and keeps bees.  She is also the author of A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens, and her work appears in many magazines. On top of all that, she brings us her wonderful blog, Tilly's Nest. Aspiring homesteaders and animal keepers, Melissa's work is a great jumping-off point. With headings for chickens, gardening, beekeeping, crafts, and recipes, this blog shares all sorts of insights that have been gained through experience.    


Garden Betty profile

Garden Betty

Garden Betty is the passion project of grassroots garden-starter Linda Ly. To get you started, Garden Betty has a guide for new fans linked in the top left corner of the blog.  There, you can read all about who she is and how she became her unique self. She blogs all about growing and making food, as well raising chickens. She believes anyone can be a gardener, and encourages you to have faith in yourself and get something started! Most remarkably, she created an amazing off-grid dream home in Baja Mexico. Reading her logs on the experience, you feel like you are right there with her, along for the journey. Ready to amp up your wanderlust? Start here. We're waiting with bated breath to see what surprises Garden Betty has in store for 2016.  





You Grow Girl profile


You Grow Girl

Created way back in 2000, You Grow Girl has transformed into one of the best gardening blogs on the internet.  Gayla is a writer, photographer, and former graphic designer from Canada, and it shows in her outstanding work.  She is also an author of some of the best-selling gardening books (which you can find in her about-us page).  Her main focus is gardening in a limited urban space on a budget.  If you see her backyard, you will instantly understand what that means!  You can tell that Gayla created this blog because she is passionate about gardening, and wants others to be as well!    


Small Town Gardener profile

Small Town Gardener

This award winning blog has proven itself as a favorite of gardeners far and wide. Small Town Gardener is a light-hearted but deeply passionate blog focusing on gentle gardening advice. The blogger, Marianne, encourages her readers, "Garden where you are, not where you're not." Are you having trouble getting your garden going? Maybe your piece of land is not so good.  If so, this is the blog for you to follow in 2016. Difficult, imperfect spaces can be conquered, and this blog's main focus this year is teaching you how.  Don't give up! Help has arrived.  


Dee Nash profile

Red Dirt Ramblings

Rooted in Oklahoma, Red Dirt Ramblings is the blog of prolific home gardener, writer, and public speaker Dee Nash. Ever doubted the beauty that can be found in an Oklahoma garden? This blog and its stunning photographs of Dee's gardens are here to prove you wrong. If you live in Oklahoma, you'll be thrilled by Dee's Oklahoma pride and inspired by her work. If you like what you see on her blog, check out her first book, The 20/30-Something Garden Guide. The book is a "Gardening 101 for anyone who wants to grow stuff." In 2016, Dee will be traveling around the country speaking about her gardens and her writing at various events, as well as preparing her gardens as a stop on a regional garden tour.  


Growing Wisdom profile

Growing Wisdom Gardening advice is plentiful in Dave Epstein's extensive blog, Growing Wisdom. Dave is a horticulturist based in New England, and his blog covers a wide variety of gardening topics. From lawns to trees to vegetable gardens, Growing Wisdom has it covered. Growing indoors or in containers? He's got you covered there, too. There is even a section for troubleshooting common problems, which can save home gardeners a lot of frustration. If you're looking for growing advice, look to Growing Wisdom.  


 Gardening Gone Wild profile

Gardening Gone Wild

Gardening Gone Wild is the product of a trio of well-known expert garden writers. Debra Lee Baldwin is a photojournalist and succulent enthusiast.  She provides the blog with info on caring for succulents throughout the seasons. Garden photographer Saxon Holt posts stunning photos as well as his advice on capturing the perfect shot. (For more of his work, check out PhotoBotanic, where you can find his e-books.) If you have a picturesque garden, or simply love taking photos, check out Gardening Gone Wild's seasonal "Picture This" photo contest! Capping off the trio, Fran Sorin (gardener, author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, TV and radio personality, interfaith minister, and media and creativity expert) also writes for the blog, passing along her passions and wisdom. Fran's background as a garden designer led her to speaking on local and network TV shows as well as CBS talk radio, where she has been a news contributor for the past 14 years. Gardening Gone Wild is a can't miss connection with the shining stars of garden passion.