This nice young, newly planted tree is now going to die. This is an example of deer damage from a buck rubbing his antlers on the young trunk of this tree and happens in the fall of the year at mating season when they compete with each other for the win.

Using our simple method of trunk protection will eliminate buck rubs, but let’s not forget in some areas where there is snow cover, the rabbits and rodents love tender, young bark of young trees too.

It is very important to protect the young bark. If the bark is damaged around the entire trunk, the tree will die. If the bark was damaged only part way around the tree can recover. But why take a chance? Keep your young trees healthy and growing by taking a few minutes to apply trunk protection on the trunks. We like hardware cloth, metal screening or even doubled over chicken wire securely wrapped tightly up against the trunk because it allows the rain and snow to dry quickly and still offers protection. Remember do not use black drain tile as the tile heats up in winter and can cause problems for the trees.