Plants for July Blooms in the Garden

Plants for July Blooms in the Garden

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There are so many plants, shrubs, and even a few trees that will fill your landscape in flowers during the month of July! Flowering in spite of the heat and humidity, these plants will strut their stuff over the next few weeks and beyond!

Get ready to enjoy fireflies, fireworks, mid-summer nights, and these flowering plants!

Feeding pollinators nectar and pollen during their busiest month, even hummingbirds with hungry chicks to feed, the following garden gems bring color to your landscape and bask in the hot summer sun!

Not to mention all the gorgeous bouquets you’ll make from their bountiful blooms!

July Flowering Perennials

Besides the usual array of seasonal annuals that northern growers enjoy as bedding and container plants (many of which are perennial in frost-free growing zones.

These July-flowering perennials are just getting going! Many more will keep blooming or reblooming until autumn! So plant these in your landscape for showy interest all month long!

July Flowering Full Sun Perennial Plants


Creeping Thyme Groundcover

Liriope, aka: Lilyturf



Millennium & Summer Beauty Allium

Anise Hyssop


Obedient Plant

Baby's Breath



Bee Balm (Monarda)

Daisies - English, Oxeye, etc.

Red Hot Poker Plants


Evening Primrose (some)

Sea Holly



Sea Thrift

Black-Eyed Susan


Speedwell Veronica

Butterfly Weed/Butterfly Plant/Milkweed



Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)

Hardy Hibiscus (Rose Mallow)

Blazing Star/Gayfeather/Liatris


Sunflowers/Perennial Sunflower




Cardinal Flower

Oriental/Tiger Lily



Lily Of The Nile (Agapanthus)

Remember that in warmer climates, some of these may have already begun blooming in June!

Dianthus Raspberry Swirl

All of your pollinators' and Hummingbirds' favorite perennial flowers and vital sources of nectar are in full bloom this month!

  • Some Garden Pinks (Dianthus) are reblooming this month, and Cranesbill Geranium still has sporadic flowers. Some varieties of Tall Garden Phlox and Cushion Phlox may still be in flower this month too.
  • Perennials like Gaura (Wand Flower), Catmint/Catnip, Russian Sage, and all Salvia have been blooming since June and show no signs of stopping now!
  • Asters like Peachie's Pick and Honeysong Purple Stokes Aster, and some Sedum/Stonecrop & Groundcover Sedum (aka Carpet Sedum) are starting to bloom this month.
  • Northern and Southern gardeners can include Tropical Plants for annual decor, or in hot climates can add perennials like - Canna Lily, Mandevilla Vine, Kangaroo Paw, Variegated Shell Ginger, Pineapple Lily, Tropical Hibiscus, and African Iris!

July Blooming Partial Sun/Partial Shade Perennials



Baby's Breath


Burgundy Glow Ajuga

Liriope, aka: Lilyturf

Blue Mist Flower

Some Tall Garden Phlox



Your Astilbe, Coralbells, and Hosta can still be in flower at this time of year too!

Full Shade Perennials That Bloom In July

Black Scallop/Dixie Chip Ajuga

Leopard Plant (Ligularia)

Canary Feathers Corydalis

Liriope, aka: Lilyturf

Chantilly Lace Goatsbeard

Curly Fries HostaDon’t forget to include Perennials with showy foliage that looks great all summer, including Variegated Iris, Golden Creeping Jenny, Lemon Ball Sedum, Hostas like Curly Fries Hosta, Little Angel Burnet, Silvery Sunproof Liriope, Elegant Feather Eupatorium, Euphorbia, and Northern Lights Tufted Hairgrass.

July Blooming Shrubs

Many fruiting shrubs are flowering now and some are even fruiting in June! But these flowering bushes wait until it's warmer out to start their flowering displays!

  • FirstEditions® BerryWhite® HydrangeaBeautyberry bushes
  • Bush Clover like Gibraltar
  • Bush Honeysuckle (Diervilla)
  • Butterfly bushes
  • Coralberry/Snowberry bushes
  • Crape Myrtle Shrubs
  • Escallonia (Redclaw)
  • Hebe - Try Patty’s Purple!
  • Hydrangeas are in full swing!
  • Potentilla sporadically flower until fall
  • Rose Bushes are going strong!
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Spirea continue blooming
  • St. John's Wort
  • Summersweet/Sweet Pepperbush (Clethra)
  • Weigela - a few reblooming varieties are still pumping out the flowers!

Roses and Hydrangeas started their show in June, and are still going strong! Keep them well-watered during the heat waves and during periods of no rain to keep those blooms looking their best!

Trees That Flower In July

Incredible summer flowering displays on large and small flowering trees will have you swooning! Toss in some shade along with the show, and you can kick back and relax!

  • Black Diamond® Mystic Magenta™ Crape Myrtle ShrubChaste Tree
  • Crape Myrtle Trees
  • Golden Raintree
  • Japanese Stewartia
  • Linden/Basswood still have showy light green bracts
  • Mimosa
  • New Jersey Tea
  • Oleander (tree form)
  • Rose of Sharon (tree form)
  • Sourwood Trees
  • Smoketrees
  • Southern Magnolia

Make sure your trees have a layer of mulch around their root systems to keep them hydrated and insulate the roots from the heat! It also creates a buffer between the lawn and your tree, preventing mowers and weed wackers from getting too close and nicking the bark.

Bonus: July Flowering Vines

Go vertical with these July flowering climbing vines!

  • Boulevard® Edda™ ClematisClematis
  • Honeysuckle Vine
  • Hops
  • Jasmine
  • Passionflower/Passionfruit Vines
  • Scarlet Runner Bean
  • Trumpet Vine

Fill a trellis, drape them over arbors, and enjoy privacy, shade, and upright garden interest!

Caring For Plants During The Hot Summer

The summer garden faces many challenges, from insects to heat and drought, you need to be ready to protect your plants from stress to keep them flowering and fruiting their very best!


A 3-4 inch deep layer of mulch is essential for reducing moisture evaporation from the soil, keeping roots cool, and slowly enriching the soil.


If you are using automated sprinkler systems, be sure to set the system to water an inch of water at a time and then not water until it needs it again (instead of lightly watering each day which keeps the roots at the surface). Soaker hoses under the mulch and drip irrigation places water at the roots, instead of on leaves. When in doubt, use the Finger Test!

Water At the Roots!

Keep excess moisture off foliage by aiming lawn sprinklers away from your plants and on the lawn. The rain and humidity you can’t help, but providing morning sun locations, good air circulation, and reduced surface watering helps keep foliar problems at bay.

For Container Plants - keep watering thoroughly and frequently so they won’t dry out in the heat, check twice daily if it’s been especially hot, there’s been drought, or if they are in full sun.

Caring For Plants During The Hot Summer

Ease Off Fertilizer!

July is often the last month you should fertilize many plants. They need time to harden off new growth in preparation for the cooler fall months ahead.

It’s Still Time To Plant!

Do think you are too late to still plant during the summer season? You aren’t! Learn how to plant in July successfully and what gets planted best during the summer months! Nature Hills Nursery grows many of our plants in containers so they can very successfully be shipped and planted throughout the growing season!

Fruit Tree Summer Pruning

Summer pruning time for your fruit trees - heading back any elongated spires of new growth will help to keep your plants the size you like and summer pruned cuts heal quickly. It is also important to prune out any suckers and water growth from all of your trees.

Deadheading Means Repeat Blooms!

Continuing to deadhead your reblooming plants! This is an excellent way to keep the flowers coming whether it is your Roses or your perennials.

Then, check out our Garden Blog for more ways to Protect Gardens From Heat Stress. And find which plants are best for Xeric Water-Wise landscaping and Drought-Tolerant gardens.

Summer Sun, Summer Fun & Summer Blooms!

Kick back and watch the summer garden show off its best colors this summer! Plant July-flowering trees, shrubs, and perennial plants throughout the landscape with the help of!

Don’t forget the 4th! Start a Patriotic Garden and enjoy the red white and blue! Plus you will want to check out what fruit trees and shrubs can be harvested during the month of July!

Happy Planting!

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