New HouseHaving shrubs that provide great color in your front yard is sure to make your house noticeable. While you don't want shrubs that will be too tall to interfere with visibility, there are a number of shrubs that will be sure to delight you and your neighbors through beautiful flowers, interesting foliage, and delightful fragrance.

Dark Knight BluebeardBluebeard - Caryopteris spp.
A shrub with pale purplish-blue flowers in the late summer that are attractive to multitudes of pollinators, bluebeard makes a fantastic addition to your landscape. Ranging in height from 30 inches to 4 feet, there is a shrub that fits every space. Try 'Lil Miss Sunshine' for bright yellow leaves and a shorter height, or 'Sapphire Surf' for a larger shrub with dark green foliage. Best planted in zones 5-9, bluebeard will stand out and add color to your landscape. 

Yellow PotentillaPotentilla
Flowering in early summer and lasting through fall, shrubby cinquefoil is a low-maintenance shrub that will thrive in sunny front yard. Small, five petal flowers range in color from pink to yellow to white on this short, 2-3 foot tall shrub. Try 'Abbotswood' for a shrub that covers itself in white flowers all season long, or 'Pink Beauty' for beautiful pink flowers. For a traditional yellow cinquefoil shrub, consider 'Gold Drop' or 'Gold Star.' Use shrubby cinquefoil as an individual species plant, or as a mass planting for dramatic color in your front yard, all season long in zones 2-7.

Harbor Belle Heavenly Bamboo
- Nandina domestica 'Jaytee'
As an evergreen shrub, Harbor Belle Heavenly Bamboo will provide visual beauty all year long. Starting in spring, small white flowers bloom, before becoming scarlet red berries. Come fall, the leaves take on a purple hue, lasting until the next season. Best planted in zones 6-11, the Harbor Belle Heavenly Bamboo will only reach 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide, making it an ideal shrub for your front yard.

Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire
- Itea virginica 'Spirch'
White summer flowers give way to beautiful scarlet foliage in the fall. Growing approximately 3 feet in all directions, Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire will thrive in a sunny front yard. Pollinators adore the long white flower spikes, and it makes a unique addition to your front yard. Thriving in zones 5-9, Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire will be sure to please for many years.

Sugar Shack Buttonbush

Pincushion-like flowers dot the shrub in the early summer, becoming round red fruits in the early fall. Pollinators flock to the flowers, and birds enjoy the fruits. Because it reaches a maximum of 4 feet in all directions, Sugar Shack Buttonbush adds a touch of whimsy to your front yard. Best in zones 4-10, try planting this shrub as a foundation planting or as a mass planting for dramatic seasonal displays.

Having unique and interesting shrubs in your front yard make your landscape stand out. Try some combination of these shrubs and enjoy the variety they provide.

  1. Bluebeard
  2. Potentilla
  3. Harbor Belle Heavenly Bamboo
  4. Little Henry Virginia Sweetspire
  5. Sugar Shack Buttonbush