Let’s Talk About Bird Feeding (And Why it Matters!)

Let’s Talk About Bird Feeding (And Why it Matters!)

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Whether you have no bird feeders or 20+ around your property, it is always exciting when you buy a new one. There are so many different kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from! How can you only have one?

This blog will dive into all things bird feeding, such as different types of bird feeders, pesky squirrels, bird food, and setting up.

Kinds of Bird Feeders and Why it Matters

There are many types of bird feeders; however, there are a few major ones that apply to your favorite kinds of birds!

Platform Feeders

A platform or tray feeder is simple and sweet! They are open from the top to allow birds to choose what they want to eat. This kind of bird feeder attracts the most birds since it is easy and roomy. You can also put as many different types of food you’d like with this bird feeder. The Woodlink Double Platform Seed Feeder would be a great addition to your yard if you’re looking to enjoy different types of birds!

Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are neat, not letting too many birds crowd the area–squirrels too. Usually, they are designed specifically for Finches. They’re designed the way they are because Finches feed in trees, so having a vertical feeder makes sense to them. The Audubon Have a Ball Finch Feeder will look amazing in a backyard with bright flowers all through the spring and summer season! This easy-to-fill feeder will have Finches in your yard in no time.

Hopper Feeders

The last popular feeder is a hopper feeder. These usually come in different shapes and sizes, but all have roofs to keep the seeds dry. They are a lot like platform feeders but offer less space in order to keep the chaos away. While there are many different styles, the Woodlink Rustic Farmhouse Ranch Feeders With Suet Feeders is an amazing pick! The suet feeder feature will attract birds like Woodpeckers, Warblers, and Nuthatches.

Other Options

While those three types are extremely common, there are so many more! We offer a wide variety including squirrel proof feeders, Hummingbird feeders, and food specific feeders. You can truly get whatever kind of feeder you want unless you have a specific species you’re trying to lure. Grab your bird book and look out the window to watch the magic!

Pesky Squirrels

We know, we know. Squirrels cause a lot of problems. They may have cute bushy tails, but they will eat all your bird food.

Luckily, technology is on our side and there are now squirrel proof bird feeders! Nature Hills Nursery offers a few different types to fit your needs. Here’s a couple of our favorites:

Woodlink Birds Choice Squirrel Proof Feeder: This bird feeder is a sturdy hopper-like feeder with a roof that locks! Birds will easily be able to access this feeder, but squirrels stand no chance!

Songbird Essentials 12 Inch Clear Squirrel Baffle: This cute bird feeder has a large dome baffle at the top so squirrels will never get to the precious seeds! This is another kind of hopper feeder that is easy to fill and will welcome many kinds of birds.

Kinds of Bird Food

Just like bird feeders, there are so many varieties of bird food! All birds like different kinds of food, but they aren’t the pickiest of eaters.

Sunflower Seeds

I think we all know the most popular bird food you’ll find is sunflower seeds–but there are two different kinds! The black oil seeds are very thin and full of fat content, which is important for winter birds. Striped sunflower seeds are thicker and harder for birds like Sparrows and Blackbirds to crack. Depending on what kind of birds you want around, you could pick either! We offer the easy America’s Favorite Black Oil Sunflower Seed for your feeders.


Peanuts are enjoyed by Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Jays, and Nuthatches. They are rich in protein, oil, and fat–which is just perfect for birds! This provides them energy and promotes growth. Squirrels also really like peanuts, so it is usually best to pair them with a squirrel proof feeder so your birds can enjoy in peace. For your convenience, Nature Hills Nursery offers America’s Favorite Raw Peanuts in Shell Wild Bird Feed.


Mealworms will attract quite a few different species of birds! This includes Bluebirds, Chickadees, Thrushes, Titmice, Wrens, Nuthatches, and Kinglets. Mealworms are great, but be sure to provide other nutritious food as well since mealworms don’t have the complete nutrition birds require. A great way to get around that issue is our Mealworm & Berry To Go Wild Bird Food. This has a blend of berry flavored dried mealworms, which offers great nutritional value!


Suet is most commonly sold in the shape of little cakes for convenience! They are the hard fat in beef and mutton. The birds that love suet are Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Flickers, Nuthatches, Wrens, and more. Suet is favorable in the winter rather than summer as it can melt in very high temperatures. In the winter, suet can really help birds fatten up and get them through the winter. We offer the Pine Tree Farms Bird Watchers Best Nutty Butter Suet Cake! Since this is mixed with nuts, this has so many great nutrients for your backyard birds!

Hanging Bird Feeders in the Landscape

There are many options when it comes to decorating your yard with bird feeders–get creative with it!

Feeding Stands and Stations

If you don’t have a tree or the tree is already filled with feeders, there are stands you can put in the ground that can hold up to five bird feeders! For example, we offer the Deluxe Wild Bird Feeding Station. Not only does it have spaces for feeding trays, but it has watering trays as well. It stands at 7 inches tall and matches different decor styles.


Most bird feeders will come with hooks or chains to secure into a tree branch. If not, they’re easy to find! You can also use a bungee cord. This will make your process of hanging them up easier than you think. If you have a separate squirrel guard like the Woodlink Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, be sure to attach it to the cord before adding the bird feeder.

Fill Your Yard With Birds Today

Don’t be afraid to live out your bird feeding dreams! Watching these beautiful animals can really make your day. Imagine sitting in your living room and you look out the window to see a gorgeous Cardinal enjoying an afternoon snack. These little moments can redirect anyone's mood.

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