Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

Different Coral Bells next to each other

There has been extensive work done hybridizing and selecting new introductions of Coral Bells.  The old-fashioned selections were basically grown for the airy wispy flowers born on long stems that put the flowers above the foliage.  They were great cut flowers to add to your arrangements.

There are still some selections of Coral Bells that were selected for the flowers, but so many more selections have been introduced for the incredible leaf color.

Coral Bells (Heuchera) come in a myriad of color from yellows, oranges, silver and purples of many shades.  They are wildly attractive perennials but have become more commonly used as landscape plants. 

Many are grown predominately for the amazing foliage colors.  At some point, they do send up flower stalks and they do bloom.  Once the blooms are done, they spent blooms should be removed right down into the clump of foliage. 

Removing the spent blooms keep your Coral Bells looking clean and attractive.  Some people like to cut the flowers as they arise and immediately use them in flower arrangements, maintaining the plants are foliage plants only in the landscape.  Not a bad option, and a reliable source for bouquet fillers. 

Look what a difference deadheading your Coral Bells can have on your plants.

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