Growing Clematis

Growing Clematis

Growing Clematis

Growing a clematis vine is a fun and easy activity for any gardener. Clematis are relatively easy to care for, if the proper conditions are given. Most clematis require full sun near the top and cooler shade near the base. Clematis also need a good amount of water in the soil, and the level of water should be consistent throughout the growing season. The best thing to do when growing clematis is to mulch heavily near the base of the plant. This will allow the soil to maintain moisture and also provide shade for the root system.

When growing clematis, the proper time and method of planting will make caring for the plant much easier. Clematis react to the different seasons of the year in much the same way as bulbs, meaning that whenever the ground is workable, clematis can be planted.

When planting, first you want to dig a whole that is twice the diameter of the root ball and a few inches deeper than the height of the root ball.

Make sure that you have a trellis or some sort of support that your clematis vine can climb up as it grows. Next you will want to place the root ball in the ground and make sure that you are covering about 2 inches of the base of the vine stock with dirt. This will help to avoid diseases that are common with clematis. Finally, you can lightly back fill the hole evenly making sure that the vine is on or going to grow towards the support or trellis.

Now you can sit back and watch your vine climb and produce its beloved flowers. However, in mild regions, a planting of clematis in the fall will result in a more robust root system and an easier to manage plant the following growing season.

Another important aspect of growing clematis is how and when to prune. Pruning clematis differently will result in different bloom times and quantities. Clematis should all be pruned in late February to March, removing any dead or weak stems. Care throughout the growing season will then differ depending on how and when the particular clematis blooms.

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