honeysuckle bush in parkinglotA classic smaller suckering shrub lives in sun or shade, tolerates moist or wets soils, and even exhibits salt tolerance.  No insects or disease seem to affect this versatile little shrub.  But let’s talk about the real beauty of this bronzy leaved little gem – the perfect shrub for holding soil on steep embankments many times used in place of grass to mow – brilliant!  How about protecting your shoreline along a river or lakefront property too?   Pictured you see we used it in a parking lot where it gets virtually no care at all.

This past spring, we just mowed this shrub off right down to the nubs.  Look how graciously it responded with beautiful with fresh new stems coming from the roots.  Incredible foliage and such an effortless way to maintain your Diervilla plants. 

Now, picture this plant in many colors.  There are some interesting new selections of this native selected for new summer foliage color. Kodiak Red, Kodiak Black, Kodiak Orange, plus a variegated one called Cool Splash.  They all respond much the same way except for the Cool Splash which like to remain more as individual plants and do not colonize like the others will.