Brighten Winter With Everyday Azaleas

Brighten Winter With Everyday Azaleas


What Exactly Are Azaleas?

Many individuals get Azalea flowers mixed up with Rhododendrons. It’s uncomplicated to know why since they are in the same plant genus. 

But, Azaleas have tubular or funnel-shaped blossoms and only a single flower per stem. A simple, yet intriguing design that several gardeners fall instantly in love with. 

They also have 5 stamens compared to the Rhododendrons 10, and thinner, more pliable leaves rather than thicker, more leathery leaves.

You’ll discover Azaleas the most in Japanese gardens as they are native to that area.

There are two divergent types of these specific shrubs: deciduous azaleas and evergreen azaleas

Deciduous lose their leaves in the fall season, but are generally tougher in colder growing zones. They also like to stretch out above evergreen Azaleas to show off that they can grow taller. If you want strictly tubular shapes, deciduous should be the prime choice.

Evergreens retain all or most of their foliage year-round. They luxuriate and perform well in the warmer growing zones. With petal shapes including strap-like, star form, or round flowers, evergreens have a larger variety.

However, our Everyday Azaleas are what is called Florist. Elegant if you ask me and a not-so-much type of Azalea It simply means they are shipped bud and bloom after being forced to bloom under greenhouse conditions. 

This means you immediately get to enjoy the wondrous blossoms they have to offer! 

Everyday Azaleas As The Ideal Gift

So you’ve come to the decision that Azaleas are thoughtful and striking plant specimens and would easily make someone special’s day? Splendid! 

Year after year, these gifts keep on giving as new blossoms spread their wings to show off vibrant colors. 

A quick snatch of a view here and there over the weeks will remind the lucky individual of their gift-giver. Most likely will even produce a smile or two following the thought.

When the flowers begin to fade for a small rest before next year, the deep green foliage will remain strong, healthy, and handsome to continue on the visually appealing aura. 

Just one of many positives from growing Azaleas.

From small to tall and white to red, you can pick and choose which Azalea best fits your needs. Then give your friend a little hint, wink, and nudge to come check out this blog for styling ideas. 

Azaleas In Copper PotThe Bloom With Grace Pink Florist Azalea Topiary and Just Because Red Florist Azalea Topiary have a graceful display of blooms that sit atop a long braided stem.

You’ll want to admire these every chance you can get, so place them softly on a patio for company during a good Sunday book read. Or greet guests with a pop of color in the entryway of your home. 

Try out a shorter stemmed plant with a It’s the Little Things White Florist Azalea or a It’s the Little Things Red Florist Azalea. They each sit elegantly inside stylish copper-colored pots for a contrast like no other.

Freshen up a space in the home from the kitchen to the living room, they will stand out anywhere. Because of their petite size, countertops, entry tables, and dressers make excellent holders.

Bloom Where You Are Planted Pink Florist Azalea takes pride in its voluminous and ruffled pink flower blossoms. The mere presence of indoor flowers is a true delight. 

With a strong and textured clay pot, this duo is unbeatable. It even pairs nicely with all kinds of home or patio decor. Make sure to breathe in the botanical freshness as much as you can.

Not sure which to decide upon? Take a look at our whole collection more in detail here!

Now How Does One Care For It?

It’s essential to your gift that it gets the proper care or maybe you’ve decided to keep this pretty Azalea for yourself to embask in its beauty. We are right there with you! So how do you keep it alive?

Since these fine plant specimens have the super power of growing in pretty pots, no need to worry about the outdoors. In fact, if you plant them in an Azalea garden outside, they will not thrive.

Azaleas In PotInstead, find the prime location inside your home or on the patio where the Azalea can kindly greet guests as well as get the warm indirect light exposure it needs.

Everyday Azaleas offer various colors and forms to select from! Therefore, you can mix n’ match, correlate or even color coordinate them with the rest of your home. Blush, crimson, ivory; you name it! 

Even choose the look of the stem as they range from short and stumpy to tall and braided.

Second, get down to the nitty gritty of the proper soil. Azalea shrubs are best friends, secret handshakes and everything, with acidic soils.

If yellow leaves start to make their way into the Azaleas, it’s safe to assume that a nutrient deficiency is taking place. Make sure to add in more nutrients for a stable acidic environment!

As if they weren’t picky enough already, these flowering shrubs also want well-draining soil. Azaleas don’t take joy in their roots sitting in soggy soil with little to no oxygen.

Third, let’s nail the proper watering tactics for your Azalea gift. They enjoy evenly moist soils so that they are never thirsty nor drowning.

How does one tell if their Azalea needs water? Easy! The soil moisture finger test has you stick one whole finger into the soil. If it’s dry to touch, add water. If it is still wet, put the glass back in the cabinet!

If you forget about watering for an extra day or two, it’ll begin to wilt. But, don’t give up that soon. Merely give it a good soak and it will perk back up again. Flowers and everything!

Lastly, pruning can be put to use or put on the backburner if needed. Azaleas grow well with little to no pruning. However, they can also tolerate pruning well too. It’s the best of both worlds!

If you do decide to prune, make sure it happens directly after they are finished blooming. You don’t want to chop off the new buds forming for the next flowering season!

Maybe pruning just isn’t in the liking; that’s okay too! Instead, enjoy not having to worry about pruning perfectly good flower buds.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3 and..4, but that ruins the well-known saying being referenced. But regardless, these steps will have you a breathtaking Azalea gift in the comfort of your own home.

Happy Azalea gift growing!

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