A Unique Way to Use Strawberry Plants In the Landscape

A Unique Way to Use Strawberry Plants In the Landscape

blooming strawberries

Maybe you don't have a vegetable garden at your home, and maybe you don't want to add one now, but check this new idea out:

 Include your favorite strawberry plants in your landscape as a ground cover plant. Beautiful glossy green leaves are just starting to grow in many parts of the country right now. Soon after they start growing their glossy green leaves, they make beautiful white flowers. The flowers come on hard and strong. Soon after the flowers, you will be picking the fruit.
Guardian Strawberry

Big, bright red strawberries!  

Heavy crops are produced with the June bearing varieties, and then they finish berry production leaving behind that beautiful foliage for the rest of the summer. What about the everbearing and day neutral varieties? These are interesting landscape plants as they produce lighter crops, but continue to make berries throughout the growing season. We offer all three types to best suit your needs. You can harvest a lot of fruit with sweeping beds of strawberry plants in areas that get at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. Great foliage, white flowers, excellent fruit, and beautiful red foliage in the fall! Strawberry plants make perfect landscape plants. Don't limit using strawberry plants to rows in your vegetable gardens. 



Create a picture perfect landscape

Quinault Strawberry

Imagine massing strawberry plants spilling over your rock garden. How about using strawberry plants as an edging plant for your perennial or shrub border? Brilliant! Any sunnier spot in your landscape would be a delicious addition to your edible landscape. Use them near your patio where you can see and enjoy the fruit as it ripens if you can beat the wildlife to the incredible fruit that is produced. You can even incorporate them into a rock wall or even a brick patio where you pull out a few bricks and plant some strawberry plants to enjoy. If you think about it, strawberry plants have few limitations so don't be afraid to get creative. Plant them right into your existing landscape mulch in an area to get started.  

Strawberry plants are the perfect addition offering multi-season interest, relatively trouble-free and easy to grow plants that offer the bonus of fruit for your morning cereal and a whole lot more. Figure planting them about a foot apart for a nice-looking ground cover even in the first season. Careful not to plant them too deep, water in well, and you are good to go. 

Using strawberry plants in your landscape... a classic!

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