Liberty Apple Tree

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The Liberty Apple, Malus 'Liberty', was developed by the New York State Agricultural Station in 1955 for resistance to apple scab.

 It is a medium sized apple with a deep dark red stripes over a yellow base. It also has numerous small sunken dots over the surface of the skin.It is oblate to oblate conic, and the size averages 2 3/4 to 3 inches, although it may be smaller on heavily cropping trees.

The flesh is yellowish in color, and the apple is juicy, crisp, and fine. It is primarily a dessert apple. The flavor is subacid and good. It makes an excellent applesauce if the skin is left on.

Plant about a month after the first killing frost in the fall or about a month before the last killing frost in the spring. Select a planting site that has good air, drainage, full sunlight and deep, well drained soil.

*Medium Yellow Apple With Dark Red Coloration
*Excellent Fresh Apple
*Resistant to Apple Scab & Cedar Apple Rust


Growing Zones 4-7
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Malus 'Liberty'
Mature Height 14 to 18 feet
Soil Type Widely adaptable
Moisture Well Drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Fruiting Time 2 - 5 years