Sycamore Trees

Sycamore Trees

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The sycamore tree, Platanus occidentalis, is also known as American sycamore, American planetree, occidental plane, and buttonwood.  Native to North America, sycamores can be massive, growing to over 100 feet tall with a crown of 70 feet in diameter.  They have the largest diameter of any American hardwood, in some cases growing over 10 feet.  The symmetrical canopy will provide a cool spot to sit through those hot summer days.  A rapidly growing tree, a sycamore takes a fraction of the time other shade trees require.

The spreading limbs at the top, are dense, lush and green, so this tree is perfect for adding exceptionally good shade to a backyard or garden.  The leaves can get to 6 inches long and turn a lovely yellow in the fall.   Small animals regularly make sycamore trees their home because of the dense, warped, twisting branches.

Sycamores are known for their varied bark colors, which range from gray-green to whitewashed.  They are highly resistant to pollution and salty soils.  They stand up well in inclement weather, especially strong winds.  One of the most popular is the American Sycamore.  It is one of the largest and oldest North American native trees.