Water Lilies

Water Lilies

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Nature Hills carries a colorful supply of Water Lilies. We include lily fertilizer tablets that are necessary to produce healthy plants. You will get years of enjoyment from planting a single plant. But why not fill your backyard pond with several beautiful water lilies. The water lily is one of the most recognizable of all water plants. They appear to be floating on the top of the water and seem anchorless. These unique water plants bloom, and the gorgeous flowers look as if they float on the water’s surface. The flowers arise on individual stems and they generally open in the morning and close in the afternoon.

One of the greatest attributes of a backyard pond is the sound of a babbling brook created by a man-made waterfall descending into a pond that is covered with floating types of water lilies. The seemingly free-floating beautiful flowers create a powerful atmosphere for relaxing, or a soothing setting to entertain guests. Enjoy the fragrance of the flowers and the tranquility of your own water lily pond! Many homes today are adding glassed in spaces where year-round pond species can be enjoyed and ‘gardened’, even in cold climates. Hardy water lilies can be expected to re-emerge in the spring, even in cold climates. The many varieties of water lilies will provide all the color you can imagine.