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Tiarella cordifolia is commonly known as foamflower, or sometimes called false miterwort.  It is an herbaceous perennial from the Family Saxifragaceae.  Tiarella comes from the Latin word "tiara" and "ella" which refers to the small turban-shaped fruit.  The Tiarella plants are in the same family as Heuchera, Tellima and Mitella.  Native to the forests and woodlands of North America and eastern Asia, this clump-forming perennial spreads rapidly by runners and forms dense, wide clumps of foliage.  The evergreen foliage turns a lovely reddish bronze in autumn and winter. 

Displaying tiny, white flowers on very long stamens (foamy texture of stamens is why it is called foamflower), the charming flowers of Tiarella appear in wispy plumes until early summer.  The erect, wiry, flower stems rise well above the foliage clumps.  This is why foamflowers make the back of any border a stunning focal point.

The Tiarella will tolerate light sun or full shade, but the foliage color may be less bright when they are grown in deep shade.  These plants are healthier and more colorful when grown in a cool, moist area with acidic soil, and where they will be in partial shade.  However, this plant is not tolerate of wet soil in the winter, so if it is planted in a pot, it will need protection.  Consider planting brunnera, pink bleeding heart, or purple sweet violets with Tiraella; their colors will combine very well in a shaded area.