Pink or Red Flowering Perennials

Pink or Red Flowering Perennials

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  1. Creeping Thyme Zones: 3-9
    As low as $19.49

  2. Luna Red Hibiscus Zones: 4-9
    As low as $24.89

  3. Sarah Bernhardt Peony Zones: 3-8
    As low as $29.99

  4. Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart Zones: 3-9
    As low as $57.64

  5. Cinderella Butterfly Weed Zones: 3-9
    As low as $61.40

  6. Magnus Purple Coneflower Zones: 3-8
    As low as $27.99

  7. Autumn Joy Sedum Zones: 3-9
    As low as $27.99

  8. Visions in Pink Astilbe Zones: 3-8
    As low as $47.95

  9. Paprika Yarrow Zones: 3-9
    As low as $29.99

  10. Firewitch Dianthus Zones: 3-9
    As low as $42.95

  11. SunSparkler Firecracker Sedum Zones: 4-10
    As low as $34.81

  12. Vision in Red Astilbe Zones: 3-8
    As low as $27.99

  13. Autumn Fire Sedum Zones: 3-9
    As low as $34.96

  14. Cranberry Crush Hibiscus Zones: 4-9
    As low as $62.95

  15. Lucifer Crocosmia Zones: 5-9
    As low as $67.61

  16. SUNSPARKLER® Dazzleberry Sedum Zones: 4-9
    As low as $34.79

  17. Lime Zinger Sedum Zones: 4-9
    As low as $27.99

  18. Fanal Astilbe Zones: 3-8
    As low as $38.95

  19. Strawberry Candy Daylily Zones: 4-9
    As low as $34.99

  20. Cauticola Sedum Zones: 4-9
    As low as $36.95

  21. Pardon Me Daylily Zones: 3-9
    As low as $37.95

  22. Delft Lace Astilbe Zones: 4-8
    As low as $39.99

  23. Raspberry Sundae Deluxe Peony Zones: 3-8
    As low as $29.99

  24. Palace Purple Coral Bells Zones: 4-9
    As low as $39.99

  25. Ruby Star Coneflower Zones: 4-9
    As low as $39.63

  26. Chicago Apache Daylily Zones: 3-9
    As low as $34.99

  27. Karl Rosenfield Peony Zones: 4-8
    As low as $29.99

  28. Visions Astilbe Zones: 3-9
    As low as $39.99

  29. Pugster Pink® Butterfly Bush Zones: 5-9
    As low as $70.96

  30. Red Carpet Sedum Zones: 3-9
    As low as $27.99

  31. Heuchera Wild Rose Zones: 4-9
    As low as $40.95

  32. Sea Thrift Zones: 4-8
    As low as $34.79

  33. Strawberry Seduction Yarrow Zones: 4-8
    As low as $39.99

  34. Swamp Milkweed Flower Zones: 3-6
    As low as $43.44

  35. Hardy Hibiscus Cherry Choco Latte Zones: 4-9
    As low as $53.99
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Build a Garden Using Pink or Red Flowering Perennials

Bring a dash of passion to your garden with Pink or Red Flowering Perennials--or both! You have the foundation perennial shrubs and statement pieces so now it’s time to fill in with colorful accents.

Plant red-colored perennials like Lucifer Crocosmia next to perennials with bright bright pink flowers like Wild Geranium for a creative contrast. 

Reasons to go with Red and Pink:

  • Red is for love, passion, and romance
  • Red is often associated with luxury
  • Pink symbolizes youth and good health
  • Pink embraces creativity and wonder
  • Both contrast with Blues, Yellows, and Purples

What are the Best Pink Flowers

It’s hard to pick the best from a group this gorgeous. However, your perfect plant comes down to where you’ll be planting and how it’s being used. Great options for back and mid-row perennial planting are:

Raspberry Charm Peony

At 3 feet tall, this peony looks incredible towards the back of your flower garden. It’ll still steal the show each spring when it unfurls those dramatic pink and yellow cup-shaped blossoms. 

Supported by strong, sturdy stems, you won’t have much trouble at all reaching for a flower or two to bring indoors for your dining room bouquet. Plus, the deep green foliage is second to none!

Learn More About Planting and Transplanting Peonies >>

Visions in Pink Astilbe

Astilbe comes in a variety of colors including cream, purple, red, and white but there’s something about pink that sets this one a rung above the rest. 

Grown most successfully in rich, well-drained soil and partial sun, Visions in Pink offers plumes set on top of coarsely textured blue-green foliage. If you’re out of space in the garden use it as a filler in containers.

Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart

This shade-loving perennial is a true romantic with its heart-shaped flowers and pink and white coloring. 

Since it works well in partial shade, it’s a versatile addition to your garden and offers you the opportunity to add unique blossoms to your indoor flower arrangements.

What are the Best Red Flowers

Oh, to walk into a garden filled to the brim with red blooms. It may sound like a dream, but with these varieties, that sought-after garden is just a few plants away.

Li'L Bang™ Red Elf Coreopsis

These deep, sultry red blooms are perfectly accentuated by the bright yellow centers. Li’l Bang is part of a series of coreopsis known for being drought tolerant and disease resistant. It’s a plant it and forget about it perennial. 

They’re easy to grow in zones 5 through 9 and are the perfect height for midrow plantings since the flowers bloom on long, strong stems. You’ll want to give these red flowering plants full sun and well-drained soil. 

Cardinal Flower

Add color to your garden with this attention-grabbing lobelia. It’ll get to be 2-3 feet tall, making it the perfect height for back row planting in perennial gardens. If you’re interested in sneaking a peek at a hummingbird or two throughout the season, this is a great option due to the shape of the flowers.

Give these red perennials full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil to set yourself up for success. They’ll complement the perennial bushes surrounding it beautifully.

Sombrero® Sangrita Coneflower

Adored with red-purple flowers, Sombrero Sangrita puts in work as a focal point in your garden with its blooms that last and last. Leave them in the garden for the local pollinators or cut a couple and use them to add texture to indoor bouquets.

Best in zones 4-9, this is one of the best red perennials you can get in terms of maintenance. As a native, it’ll thrive anywhere in full sun or partial shade. Once it’s established it’s extremely drought tolerant and outperforms many of its full sun red perennial flower neighbors. 

Designing a Garden With Pink or Red Perennials

From shade gardens to full sun backyard landscapes, the ways you can utilize red and pink flowering perennials in your layouts are endless. 

Gardens Ideas for Pink and Red:

  • Border Beds
  • Perennial Gardens
  • Shade Gardens
  • Container Plantings
  • Cut Gardens
  • Foundation Plantings

Green is the natural complementary color to deep red, meaning adding foliage plants with accentuating variations of green is a great idea. 

Separate reds and pinks with intermittent splashes of yellow, orange and magenta to create a warmer toned flower bed or purple, blue and teal for a cooler contrast. 

Planting red and white flowering perennials together is an elegant combination that elicits thoughts of celebrations of love like weddings or anniversaries. Plant a garden full of these and pick bouquets for your loved ones!

#ProPlantTips for Caring for Pink & Red Perennials

Many perennials, especially natives are easy to care for. But there are a few errors you can make that’ll take an easy-breezy red and pink plant and turn it into a short-lived perennial. 

First, always make sure to read the care instructions found on the product pages. This will let you know how much sun a plant needs along with how much water and what kind of soil it likes best. 

During the hottest months of the year, you’ll want to take extra care to make sure your perennials are getting enough water. 

The Right Way to Water Your Plants >>

One of the best things you can do for your flower gardens is to add a 3-4 inch layer of mulch or arborist chips around the plants starting about an inch from their bases. 

This will help conserve water and protect the roots from the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Plus, mulch keeps weeds down which means the plant doesn’t have to fight for nutrients and your garden looks great with less work. 

We have a wide variety of pink and red flowering perennials to choose from. Browse the category and don’t hesitate to reach out to our plant experts at if you have any questions or would like some help.

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