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Spice Baby™ Koreanspice Viburnum

Spice Baby™ Koreanspice Viburnum

Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

Gulf Stream Heavenly Bamboo

Patty's Purple Hebe

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Freshen Up Your Hedges!

Boxwood hedges are beautiful. They are evergreen, sturdy and make gardens look crisp. Of course, boxwood isn’t for everybody. Maybe you’ve tried boxwood and found it a little…boring? Well then, it’s time to shake things up in your little ‘hedge’ of the world!

‘Patty’s Purple’ Hebe (Hebe ‘Patty’s Purple’) is just the shrub to do that. This warm zone evergreen grows in the same basic shape as boxwood – a nice rounded 2-3 feet tall. It loves the hot sun, but takes some shade too, just like boxwood. It does well in containers and gives them a softly formal look, just like boxwood. It has smallish leaves that always look fresh, just like boxwood. It also has gorgeous purple flowers in the summer just like…wait a minute…not like boxwood at all!

The similarities end there. ‘Patty’s Purple’ gets its name from the striking lavender-blue flowers that are real show-offs in the late summer as other flowers are getting a little tired. Also, the stems are a beautiful maroon-red that really makes the leaves ‘pop’ and are visible year-round peeking through the foliage. There is always a little color happening on ‘Patty’s Purple’!

If you live in a warm winter area zone 8 -11 and want to try a hedge with a little more spunk than a standard boxwood hedge, give ‘Patty’s Purple’ Hebe a try!

* Evergreen
* Beautiful lavender-blue late summer flowers
* Striking maroon-red stems always give a little color
* Full sun or part shade
* Good in containers
* Great as a hedge


Patty's Purple Hebe Is Suited to Grow in Zones 8 - 10
Growing Zones 8 - 10
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Hebe 'Pattys Purple'
Foliage Broadleaved Evergreen
Mature Height 2 - 3 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Soil Type Well Drained Soil
Moisture Medium Moisture
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Color Purple
Foliage Color Green