Euonymus Groundcover

Euonymus Groundcover

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  1. Moonshadow Euonymus Zones: 5-10
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  2. Emerald Gaiety Euonymus Zones: 5-9
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  3. Emerald 'n Gold Euonymus Zones: 5-9
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  4. Green Lane Euonymus Zones: 5-9
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  5. Ivory Jade Euonymus Zones: 4-9
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  6. Blondy® Euonymus Zones: 5-9
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  7. Sarcoxie Euonymus Zones: 4-9
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  8. Canadale Gold Euonymus Zones: 4-9
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Find Euonymus Groundcover For Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Anyone who knows Euonymus shrubs knows they are stylish and oh-so-versatile! But don't forget tough and urban environment-friendly!

Also known as Wintercreeper, Groundcover Euonymus are attractive landscape workhorses that put up with thin soil and road salt, sun and thrive in both heat and chill!

Relatively fast-growing plants, these broadleaf evergreens work in any kind of landscape design!

The Euonymus for sale at Nature Hills Nursery enlivens the look of your yard with steady deep green and even variegated foliage that won't fade all year long!

Whether you want large-scale greenery, low-maintenance coverage or a weed-blocking creeping groundcover, you'll find many different types of Groundcover Euonymus right here at Nature Hills!

About Euonymus & Their Care

The Euonymus genus is comprised of over 150 species of vines, shrubs and even trees!

Most are native to Asia, and they are very successfully grown here in North America. Flowering in spring with inconspicuous white to green blossoms, the pollinators will be thankful for their pollen and nectar! Birds love the seed capsules that appear in the autumn too!

Wintercreeper does well with full sun and even half-day sun in hotter growing zones. Tolerating moderate moisture to drought once they are established, these tough beauties tolerate most soil types, save for boggy, waterlogged locations.

In optimal conditions, Euonymus grows at a medium to fast rate for fast fill and quick cover. Please check the Plant Highlights on every product page for specifics.

Euonymus can withstand heavy pruning. But usually, you won't need to be fussing over your plant beyond a few snips to shape or a bit of light raking in spring, they thrive without much care!

Euonymus evergreen shrubs are easy to grow. They make the perfect choice for low-maintenance commercial and residential landscapes.

Euonymus Groundcover - You Got Options!

When given nothing to climb or grow onto, Euonymus Vines are fantastic for covering the bare ground! Check out these vibrant varieties here at!

  • Moonshadow Euonymus - Glowing yellow foliage with dark green margins
  • Gold Splash® Euonymus - High impact light green and gold
  • Emerald Gaiety Euonymus - Lush emerald green & white margins turn pinkish in winter
  • Emerald 'n Gold Wintercreeper - Emerald green with gold margins
  • Ivory Jade Wintercreeper - Crisp white, margins with light and dark sage green interiors
  • Green Lane Euonymus - Small compact rounded green leaves & purple fall color
  • Blondy® Euonymus - Vibrant gold foliage with narrow dark green margins
  • Purple Wintercreeper Euonymus - dark green leaves become vibrant red/purple in fall
  • Sarcoxie Euonymus - dark green and glossy
  • Euonymus Canadale Gold - light green and yellow shiny foliage

Any one of these groundcover varieties can be equally encouraged to climb or even be trained into a shrub! They are like the shape-shifters of the plant world!

Maximize the Impact of Evergreen Euonymus!

The opportunities for using Euonymus in the landscape and many tough-to-grow locations is unlimited!

They make excellent low hedges for definition, en masse plantings, border edging, and even low-growing screens. Vining Euonymus plants can be used for groundcovers, wall covers, and hide ugly eyesores. The vining types of Euonymus also work charmingly well on trellises!

Allowing them to spread and sprawl not only blocks weeds, but when used on hillsides, you'll never have to mow that dangerous slope or worry about erosion on steep banks again.

Be inspired by their color and high performance!

Wintercreepers cling to boulders, fences, and trellis with tiny roots that sprout along their long stems. Rock and Crevise gardens are ideal locations for these drought-tolerant beauties!

Splash some color in your foundation planting with low-maintenance Euonymus. Create a lavish ribbon at the edge of your landscaping beds in the sun! Even that roadside, sidewalk, or driveway hell-strip suits these plants just fine! Especially where salt spray in winter can be an issue. Euonymus are up to the challenge!

In an area prone to fire? Toss in some Euonymus as an easy fire-wise landscaping solution!

Many of our alluring Euonymus will work in outdoor pots and planters for many years. Add a sunny filler to your hardy container garden with Wintercreeper as a filler or spiller!

Their dense habit and vibrant leaves will make your guests look twice. Snip some of the stems for your cut flower arrangements as greenery, too!

The Euonymus family is comprised of several cultivars that are all renowned for their magnificent fall color! Place them front and center to achieve a designer look for little effort.

Buy Euonymus Without Worry

Sometimes a plant this vigorous and easy to grow can do a bit too well. Please note that Nature Hills Nursery uses Plant Sentry™ to protect greenspaces across America and Nature Hills Nursery follows all the federal and state rules on regulated plants.

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Buy Euonymus Vines At Nature Hills Today!

Track your package right to your doorstep. Open your box right away and give your new plants a nice, long drink of water. Then get your new garden workhorse planted!

Nature Hills offers several varieties of Euonymus shrubs for sale. Enjoy shopping with us, but please hurry to place your order any time of year. Don't worry. We only ship your Euonymus Plants (or any other plant) your way when planting time is right in your area!

You'll receive your high-quality Euonymus shrubs right from our field and the time is always right for securing your Euonymus Wintercreeper from Nature Hills Nursery.

Go ahead and fill your yard with carefree color and place your order today!