Dwarf Fothergilla

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Compact Bloomer with Fall Color Dwarf Fothergilla

  • Highly Desirable Native North American Ornamental Shrub
  • Plant of Merit
  • Fragrant, Creamy-White Flowers
  • Fun Blooms are Shaped Like Tiny Bottlebrushes
  • Flowers Last for Weeks in Early Spring
  • Excellent Nectar Resource for Pollinators
  • Great for Cut Flowers
  • Rounded, Blue-Green Leaves Adds Attractive Texture
  • Incredible Fall Color Ranges from Brilliant Shades of Yellow, Orange & Red
  • Can Be Kept in Containers
  • Nice Compact Form
  • Full Sun or Part Shade
  • Deer Seldom Bother This Rounded Shrub
  • Loves Acidic Soil
  • Rarely Needs Pruning

This is the small-growing plant you need to brighten up your native garden! Enjoy interest all through the growing season...from bloom to fall color with the noteworthy charms of Dwarf Fothergilla (Fothergilla gardenii).

Support a healthy ecologic system on your property with this slow-growing, compact, deciduous shrub that rarely needs pruning Starting early in spring, you're sure to be delighted with the showy bottlebrush-style blooms held at the end of the unique, zigzagging branches.

These long-lasting white blooms provide an important nectar source for butterflies and essential pollinators. You'll swear they smell like honey!

Grow several of these pint-sized native shrubs. You'll want to have plenty of these adorable flowers on hand...so you can snip a few for a lovely indoor arrangement.

Dwarf Fothergilla flowers from April through May, and then the blue-green foliage takes center stage. The round leaves are thick and highly textured for a marvelously sturdy appearance.

Let this mounding shrub fill in for you to provide a beautiful counterbalance to other flowering perennials through the season. It's a wonderful supporting actor with a bigger part to play coming up!

As nighttime temperatures dip in autumn, Dwarf Fothergilla takes center stage once again. The handsome foliage you've enjoyed all season lights up with a fiery fall color display.

Each year brings its own palette to the landscape. Some years, you'll see golden-yellow orange and red and even purple for an outstanding addition to the Fall Garden!

Fothergilla is a wonderful study in contrast. Appreciate its many faces—from the delicate blooms to those robust, colorful leaves—all coupled with a tough, durable nature.

It's pest resistant, cold and heat tolerant and can thrive in either full sun or partial shade. Give it acidic soil and consistent water...and let Dwarf Fothergilla grace your landscape for many, many years.

You'll love the excellent good looks of Dwarf Fothergilla. Order yours today for a vitally important addition to your neighborhood ecosystem.

How to Use Dwarf Fothergilla in the Landscape

This selection makes a wonderfully modern foundation planting. Augment old or mature plants with their graceful form, flowers and fall color.

Trim up overgrown evergreens, or remove a few that are a bit past their prime. Tuck Dwarf Fothergilla into place, spacing them 18 inches apart on center for a solid low hedge.

Define a coordinated garden by using Dwarf Fothergilla throughout your landscape. They'll enliven the forefront of each planting bed and make a bold statement at the dappled shade of the woodland's edge.

Mix them with other natives like Viburnums, Ninebark and Sweetspire in a carefree contemporary shrub border along your fence line. Or, put them to work as an exceptional backdrop in a Butterfly Garden.

Kids get really intrigued by their fuzzy flowers. Plant Dwarf Fothergilla as a pretty border for their playhouse, and include lots of Butterfly statues to keep their imagination sparking!

Try one as a specimen as a pivotal turning point, such as the start of a path...or further along at a bend in that same path. You'll create a memorable "garden moment", even in small space gardens.

They can live for years in large outdoor containers. Use Ericaceous soil mix for acid-loving plants and handfuls of organic matter like compost to enjoy on your patio or balcony.

Even Cottage Gardens can get a boost from these small shrubs. Don't forget to weave in all kinds of blooming plants to these happy humble jumbles.

Mass Dwarf Fothergilla for a beautiful and sound choice to fill wide, open bare ground. Watch the dance of butterflies in spring and toast the end of the season with the incredible fall foliage.

#ProPlantTips for Care

In cooler Zones, plant them in a full sun position. Where summers get scorching, they'll appreciate partial shade in the afternoon.

Provide well-drained soil that sheds water quickly after rainfall. The secret to success with this plant is to ensure it is growing in a slightly acidic, organically rich soil, with a pH below 6.

Mulch them with pine bark or pine straw, pulling it back away from touching the stems. In areas with alkaline soil, you can keep them in containers.

Provide a consistent amount of water to keep them moist and happy. As you can imagine, this is very important for container-grown Fothergilla.

Although it may not be necessary, you can trim after bloom to shape them. Some people choose to make their pruning plan in advance and take the branches they want a bit early to enjoy the flowers indoors.

Go ahead and accept the well-deserved applause lauded for your choice. Order the terrific native Dwarf Fothergilla from our small shrub experts today!

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Dwarf Fothergilla Is Suited to Grow in Zones 5-9
Growing Zones 5-9
More Information
Brand Nature Hills' Choice
Botanical Name Fothergilla gardenii
Type Deciduous
Mature Height 2 - 3 feet
Mature Spread 2 - 3 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Shade
Soil Well Drained
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Blue-Green
Fall Color Yellow, Orange, Red
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Pruning Time After Flowering
Fragrant Yes