Coralberry Shrubs

Coralberry Shrubs

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The Coralberry shrub, botanically known as Symphoricarpos, commonly called Buckbrush or Indian Currant, is a deciduous plant. Other common names for coralberry are devil’s shoestring, buckberry, snowberry, snapberry, waxberry, and turkey bush.

This low growing ornamental shrub produces attractive clusters of coral-pink to purple berries which remain on the plant through the winter. Besides having significant winter interest, it is an important wildlife plant. Songbirds, ground birds, small mammals, and browsers use this plant for food, cover, and nesting.

Coralberries tolerate poor soil and alkaline soils. They are heat and shade tolerant. Coralberries are mound shaped shrubs that are great in woodland gardens or as a shrub border. Coralberry is an excellent plant for a shady area. It has a natural look that works well in an informal garden.

Avoid planting coralberry in full sun or harsh afternoon sun areas. For a neat winter decoration, use the berry-laden winter stems for indoor floral arrangements.

We offer several coralberry varieties. Click the photos to learn more, or call our plant experts at (888) 864-7663.