Types of Barberry Shrub for Sale

Types of Barberry Shrub for Sale

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Find the Perfect Barberry Bush at Nature Hills Nursery

Barberry is a hardy garden shrub that is also known as berberis or Pepperidge bush. Nature Hills Nursery offers a variety of colorful Barberry bushes for sale, all sporting petite, rounded, deciduous foliage in a fascinating array of rich hues.


Anyone who grows them knows their color well. Who hasn't found themselves awestruck by their depths in the golden light of the setting sun?

Barberries look like they've been lit from within. That brilliant, fiery color is matched only by their high performance.

Of course, Barberry bushes are also well-known for their thorny, wiry branches. Use them as an effective barrier plant to make intruders think twice about your home. 

As with working with Roses, you'll want to wear gloves while handling any type of barberry bush. Luckily, there isn't much to do for these rugged landscape workhorses.

There are some new varieties that are relatively thorn-free. Plant scientists are busy breeding new cultivars to maximize the gorgeous features of Barberry shrubs.

You'll be able to buy them online at Nature Hills Nursery. What could be easier or more convenient? Place your order any time of year, and we'll ship it to you when the time is right for planting. If you see a certain barberry bush you just can’t live without, make sure to act swiftly. We tend to sell out quickly.

Barberry Shrubs are a Popular Landscape Asset in Most States

Ornamental Barberry was introduced from Japan in the 1800s, and it still is a popular landscape plant. Barberry produces tiny yellow flowers in the spring, and red fruits mature in the fall and persist through the winter.

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Although related, Mexican Barberry (Berberis haematocarpa) is a separate species native to the Southwestern United States. It features spiny leaves and edible fruit that was dried by Apache tribes for food.

The seeds are also eaten by small mammals and birds. In some areas, the fruit is dispersed by birds. The Japanese Barberry bush actually performs too well in certain climates, so not every state permits them.

That's one of the main reasons why you should buy your landscape plants from Nature Hills Nursery. We were the very first online nursery to use Plant Sentry™.

This is a sophisticated shipping management system that literally blocks the sale of regulated plant materials. You'll see a red notification if there are any federal or state regulations on Barberry shrubs in your area.

In most places across the country, you'll love life with the beauty of partial shade and drought-tolerant, deer-resistant Japanese Barberry shrubs. They perform faithfully for years and years.

Trust Plant Sentry® and Nature Hills Nursery. Learn more about how we protect ecosystems from invasive plants >>

Maximize Your Landscape Design with the Versatile Barberry Bush

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The sharp thorns create a natural barrier or living fence. Barberries are used for massing, shrub borders and as foundation plants.

Barberry is also commonly used in hedges. But pencil barberry is a columnar form that can be used as a single specimen and vertical accent.

Formal ruby-red and purple foliage of the Helmond Pillar Barberry looks like a living exclamation point. Use one as a sculptural accent, or use an eye-catching pair flanking either side of an entrance or gate.

As you might guess, the Golden Rocket Barberry bush also features a narrow, upright growth habit. But the sunny color brings a very different feel.

Easy Shrubs for a Low Maintenance Garden Design

Bright Golden Barberry Shrubs

Sunjoy Barberry Citrus features lemon-yellow foliage. This Proven Winners® selection is tough as nails and brings a welcome pop of color to your garden.

The Bonanza Gold Barberry bush hugs the ground, but it spreads wide with arching branches. Cover bare ground with golden foliage.

Sunjoy Gold Beret barberry shrubs make a perfectly round cap of color. Use as a lovely filler in hardy containers or in the ground as an edging along your border.

Barberry Shrubs with Showy Orange, Purple and Red Foliage

Combine different types of barberry to create a striking rainbow in your yard. Love Tequila Sunrise colors? Mix Sunjoy Tangelo Barberry shrubs into your border or keep as a standalone hedge for an intoxicating display.

Rose Glow Barberry is an excellent choice for foundation plantings. Small enough to fit under windows, those sharp thorns help protect your property.

Who can resist the Warty barberry bush? The silvery green leaves and unique form makes this fellow a fine addition as a specimen plant or hedge.

Planting and Care Guide for Barberry Shrubs

Barberry tolerates a wide variety of growing conditions. Japanese Barberry (Berberis thunbergii) tolerates pollution, shade and drought.

Study the Plant Highlights on each product page for individual growing conditions. You'll love barberry bush foliage in full sun, but most barberry varieties tolerate some shade, as well.

This durable choice can be hard pruned periodically, but we advise giving them plenty of room to reach their full size. You'll be pleased how graceful a mature Barberry plant becomes.

Barberries transplant easily and withstand pruning well. Prune immediately after the shrubs flowering or in late winter for best results.

Water well the first season and for container-grown plants. Thereafter, supply water in extreme drought.

Don't delay placing your order. We regularly have people buy out our entire inventory for commercial projects.

Check out our delightful selection of barberry bushes for sale. Buy your high-quality Barberry shrubs from the expert growers at Nature Hills Nursery today.

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