Encore Azaleas

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Encore Azaleas

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There are many types of Azalea on the market today, but few as lovely and productive as the Encore Azalea line. You can’t go wrong with these heavy-blooming variety that keeps blooming into fall and some even into winter. Try one today and you’ll see why Encore Azaleas are such a popular Azalea for today’s gardeners.

Encore Azaleas are one, if not ‘the’ one, of the best Azaleas ever bred. They are relatively short, bloom in the spring, summer, and fall, and remain evergreen all year around. These Encore Azaleas do not need to be hid in the shade but can be displayed and grown in sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. In hotter climates, late afternoon shade is ideal.

Bloom colors are spread out among about 29 unique colors and hues. Care for Encore Azaleas is minimal. If any pruning needs to be done, do it right after the first bloom in the spring so later blooming will not be affected.

Short of space? Do you desire to move plants around in the garden or on the porch? Be sure to consider the Encore series of Azaleas because of their shorter statures. Shorter plants work wonderfully well in containers and these Azaleas are perfect fits for a container garden.

All Encore Azalea varieties are bred to begin blooming in just 3 seasons, but make sure they get ample sunlight so that the colorful flowers appear sooner, than later.