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  1. Pruning a Peach Tree: When and How to Prune a Peach Tree (and Nectarine Trees too!)

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    Do you grow your own Peaches or Nectarines at home? If not you should give them a try. They are an easy and (pardon the pun) fruitful tree to grow. Peach

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  2. Fruit Trees to Plant for a September Harvest

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    The end of summer isn’t a time to be sorry! While the warm temperatures are fleeting and cooler temperatures approaching, many fruit trees and plants are just now gearing up for the harvest month! Many of us are looking forward to the cool nights, hoodie w

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  3. Fruit Tree Pollination: Does Your Fruit Tree Need a Friend?

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  4. Young Peach Tree Pruning Tips

    Prune peach trees in early spring for the largest fruit

    Gardeners often fall into one of two categories: either they LOVE pruning time every year ("It's cathartic!") or they HATE pruning time every year ("I think that tree can wait till next year.").

    Unfortunately, it is part of the deal when you plant

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  5. Fruit Trees to Plant for an October Harvest!

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    For most of the country, the nights are cold or getting chilly, maybe even teasing us with freezing temperatures, causing us to run out and cover those last flowers or veggies in case of a freeze. The days may struggle to warm up enough for you to not

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  6. The 2024 Pantone Color of the Year Is Here!

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    Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year! A dreamy, fruity hue called Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023). A color that is a little bit apricot, peach, salmon, pinkish, reddish, and orangey all blended delightfully into one! Peach Fuzz evokes feelings of comfort,

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  7. Growing Amazing Fruit: Techniques for Success

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  8. Pre-Planned Full Sun Garden Recipes for Success

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    A full sun garden is a magical place and one that gives a gardener massive potential! It also brings its own challenges for both gardeners and plants alike because of what comes with it - dry conditions, heat and humidity!

    For a northern gardener,

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  9. Our Perfect Christmas Plant Wishlist!

    crape myrtle

    Looking ahead to a new year, and reflecting on the past, we dream of new possibilities for our landscapes too!

    Nature Hills Nursery is here to help inspire you with our Christmas Plant Wishlist!

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  10. Create a Patriotic Garden by Playing with Reds, Whites & Blues!

    Patriotic Porch

    Home of the brave and land of the free, celebrate Independence and America in your landscape with these patriotic plants and some American patio and garden

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