Top 5 Winter Interest Plants

Top 5 Winter Interest Plants

Winter is the ever-returning friend and foe of gardeners.  You may rue the arrival of Jack Frost every year, driving you inside and sapping all the color from your garden.  But did you know that there are a number of plants that can keep your garden pretty all through the cold season? Looking to liven up your white-washed winter landscape?  Dust the dreariness with one of these winter interest plants:  


#5 Arctic Fire Dogwood

During the summer, Arctic Fire Dogwood is your everyday deciduous shrub. Round and green and merry, it is a cute little puffball. When winter comes, its leaves fall away, exposing its fiery red-orange branches.  They spray upward from the snow like fire, boldly defying the cold. 



#4 Holly

Holly is a timeless winter tradition. Stalwart, it stays green all year long.  Its iconic spiney leaves and evergreen cone shape make it a great pop-up in any garden location. It's beautiful as a border, framing an entrance, or simply standing in a field of snow.  The best part?  Its berries arrive in late winter!  Consider them an early burst of color to herald the coming spring.    



#3 Winter Glow

Bergenia Winter Glow's leaves don't fall off or die, they simply shift from frog green to deep red.   Want a garden that changes with the seasons?  It's simple: plant a bed of these greens to surround your flowers.  As the cold rolls in and the flowers die back, the Bergenia will start to glow.  



#2 Fire Chief Arborvitae

If you're a wildlife lover in a temperate climate, Fire Chief Arborvitae is your friend.  This little red-tipped evergreen grows in sun and shade, a naturally round hedge.   During the winter, it is a valuable source of food and shelter for your garden's visitors.  It'll make your yard a popular spot for migrating birds as well as deer and other non-hibernating herbivores.  



#1 Cardinal Candy Viburnum

Taking the crown for winter wonders, Cardinal Candy Viburnum is the full package.  It's cold-hardy (of course), ornamental in every season, and panders to the local wildlife. During the warm seasons, it grows tall and wide and features white flowers.  As autumn falls, its leaves turn burgundy and its flowers turn to bright red fruit that birds love.  The fruits persist throughout the winter, always shining ruby bright.     Winter doesn't always have to win.  Fight back with garden color it can't beat!

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