There has been a lot of breeding going on with the old-fashioned garden Phlox, so there is a multitude of new selections to hit the market.  Many of the newer varieties have incredible colors (and bicolor) flowers, many different sizes, mildew resistance on the foliage and the ability to rebloom is incredible. 

Remember that once your first round of flowers finish and wither, cut just below the flower heads that are finishing and in a short time you will have a whole new round of flowers in your perennial border or to cut and enjoy.  Tall Garden Phlox are staples in the perennial border, and look great in mixed borders too.  Be sure to include your favorites… and don’t forget to dead head the plants after the first round of flowers finish. 

We drew some red lines on the picture below showing where to deadhead the flowers when they are finished so you can enjoy another fresh display of new flowers a bit later in summer.