Spring Planted Bulbs – And Why You Need Some!

Spring Planted Bulbs – And Why You Need Some!


After the seemingly never-ending winter months, we plant lovers are longing for warmer weather, new garden finds, dirt on our hands, and the arrival of flowers!

Let Spring-Planted bulbs be the first thing you add to your garden after the danger of frost has passed!

In this blog, we’ll talk about choosing the ideal bulbs, when to plant them, how to use them in the garden, and even highlight a few of Nature Hills’ top picks! Let’s get started.

  • Spring-Planted Vs. Spring Blooming
  • Which Spring-Planted Bulb Is The One For You?
  • All Things Planting: When & How?
  • Different Ways To Use Them In Your Landscape
  • Nature Hills’ Top Picks
  • Pulp Fiction Dahlia
  • Flame Calla Lily
  • Double Yellow Begonia
  • Kick Off Spring With Spring-Planted Bulbs
  • Spring-Planted Vs. Spring Blooming

First things first, when we say Spring-Planted bulbs, we are talking about summer-blooming flowers. You’ll plant these during the spring season for gorgeous blooms that come in the summer.

This is not to be confused with spring blooming bulbs, these are bulbs that are planted in the fall and the flowers grow during the early spring. And it's not limited to actual bulbs either! Rhizomes, tubers, bareroot, and corms are included!

No, these are your big beautiful summer spectacles that appear almost suddenly in the summer months and draw the biggest butterflies and all the attention during their bloom time!

Which Spring-Planted Bulb Is The One For You?

With so many choices in colors, petal textures, and variety types, how could someone ever choose which bulb is the right one for them? Well, good thing you don’t have to - because ALL OF THEM are the right ones for you!

Yes! You read that right, every single spring planting bulb is a prime choice. They add color and life to any landscape or garden - no matter the shape, size, or style!

All Things Summer-Flowering Bulb Planting: When & How?


It’s common to wonder when you should place these bulb flowers in the ground and the answer is: if we ship them to you, then you can plant them!

However, most often these will be planted in early to mid-spring once the danger of frost has passed in your Hardiness Zone.

Once you receive your summer-blooming bulbs, how do you plant them correctly? There are a few different ways you can choose to plant these flowers. Some want to place them in containers and others are looking to place them in the ground. Either way, they will look pretty!

1. When you order your bulbs to plant in spring, be sure to read the description page as it holds accurate information. For example, we will suggest the correct amount of sun or shade, soil type, and moisture needed for the plants to perform best.

This will help you choose the ideal location when your flower bulb arrives. Once you have the perfect spot identified, the fun begins – planting time!

2. A good rule of thumb to follow for depth is 2 to 3 times as deep as the height of the bulb. Place your bulb inside the hole. Keep the roots facing down and the pointy side facing up towards you. Then, backfill the hole with soil! Cover with a 3-4 inch layer of mulch to add an extra layer of protection.

3. Now time for watering! This is important because your newly planted bulb needs to get acquainted with the new growing space.

How much water will your bulbs need? They will need to make some new roots, so dunk the bulbs in some water while you dig your holes. Then soak it really well to settle the soil around each bulb. This will help to wake up the bulb and start making some new roots in your soil.

Check the soil moisture with your finger to keep it moist but not too wet. Remember the bulbs will not use a lot of water at the start until it makes new roots and starts to grow. This Finger Test is great at any time!

4. Finally, you wait until the bulbs start to beautifully bloom. The Spring-Planted bulb will grace the garden with vibrant colors and soft petals come summer.

Different Ways To Use Spring-Planted Bulbs In Your Landscape

Spring bulbs can be used in a variety of ways outdoors and even indoors! When planning, be as creative as you want or rely more on simplicity.


More often than not, you’ll see summer blooming bulbs used as focal points in front yards. Who wouldn’t want to show off these beautiful babies? Our favorite use is around a mailbox or tree - it just adds a colorful bonus!

Another fan favorite is to line them along the front side of your porch! This distracts from the blank porch wall without interfering with the structure. Plus, you can compliment your house by using certain bulb colors.

Gardeners appreciate the vivid color and big blooms as their garden beds have never looked better. Imagine creating a lovely, planned-out mixture of bright hues, textures and sizes. The compliments would be never-ending!

Even place these bulbs in decorative containers! That way the fun can move to whatever spot feels drab that day. Place two containers on opposite sides of your front door for a nice greeting gesture to guests. Or move the containers inside to glow up your living room or kitchen!

The best part about these bulbs is that they all make charming cut flowers. Grab a vase and you’ll have easy access to a homegrown bouquet that freshens up any area.

With Spring-Planted bulbs, the possibilities are endless thanks to the array of colors and varieties - be creative or simple!

Nature Hills’ Top Picks

Okay..besides all of them being our favorites, here are a few of our top picks depending on what you are looking for. If you’re struggling with choosing which spring bulbs to put in your garden this year, these can help get you started:

Boldest Spring-Planted Bulbs

tiger lily

If you want an array of vivacious hues that make your garden pop, we have the flowers to create that! From vibrant pinks and purples to eye-catching reds and oranges, you can grow yourself a rainbow for all to see. Dahlia seem to get all the attention due to their dizzying array of colors and unbelievable flower forms!

  • Hollyhocks - Try Double Pink or Red 
  • Crocosmia - Such as Lucifer or Emily McKenzie
  • Dahlias
  • Asiatic, Oriental Lilies, and Tiger Lily
  • Agapanthus - Lily of the Nile/African Lily
  • Peacock Flower (Tigridia)

Soft Aesthetic Spring-Planted Bulbs


Looking for a soft, aesthetic-looking bulb garden? We can do that too! Try buying the bulbs with delicate white petals or smooth light yellow blooms. Plant a few of these in your Cottage Garden for romantic-looking blossoms!

  • Hollyhock - Double Yellow or Peaches n Dreams
  • Dahlia - Especially double and fancy Dahlias
  • Ranunculus
  • Peonies!
  • Four O’Clocks
  • Crinum Lily - Also called Cape lily or Swamp lily
  • Surprise Lily (Lycoris)

Dark and Dramatic Spring-Planted Bulbs

Nigra Hollyhock

A few even carry unique, darker shades that can either serve as a backdrop to the bright colors or stand out amongst the garden as the main show.

  • Nigra Hollyhock
  • Maxima Switzerland Begonia
  • Black Charm Asiatic Lily
  • Arabian Night Dahlia
  • Giant Black Knight Canna
  • Black Chrysographes Iris

Woodland Gems

For the Wildflower or Meadow gardener, fill those dappled shade locations with these pretty woodland beauties and let them ramble throughout the shade with the Ferns and Hosta!

jap toad lily

  • Virginia Bluebell
  • Glory of the Snow White
  • Yellow Trillium
  • Anemone
  • Japanese Toad Lily

Unique Cutting Garden Bulbs

Nearly every single Spring-Planted bulb fits the bill as a cut flower! You’ll enjoy giving bouquets or designing table arrangements for summer soireés and dinner parties that will have you looking good all summer long!

  • Liatris
  • Calla Lily
  • Gloriosa Rothschildiana Lily
  • Pineapple Lily
  • Gladiolus & related Peacock Orchid
  • Babiana

For The Love Of Fragrance

The intense fragrance of these beauties wafts through the air both indoors and out, inviting you to tarry just a bit longer and breathe!

  • Freesia
  • The Pearl Tuberose
  • Peony and Tree Peony
  • Stargazer Lily

Canna Lily

Fantastic Spring-Planted Bulbs For Foliage

Sometimes you don’t need blooms, especially when the leaves of the Summer-Flowering bulb steal the show!

  • Elephant Ears
  • Caladium
  • Canna Lily - Plus dramatic flowers all summer!
  • Edible Bulbs With Fantastic Foliage including Horseradish and Asparagus!
  • Pineapple Lily and Foxtail Lily have both incredible foliage and blooms!

Basically what we’re saying is that our Spring-Planted, summer-flowering bulbs can serve any purpose in any garden!

Every garden will become a pollinator garden, and heads will turn once these incredible bulbs begin their summer show! Don’t forget to include a few fall-planted summer-flowering lovelies in the mix like showy Alliums and Iris!

Even northern growers can enjoy these unique plants by digging and storing the bulbs in a protected location over the winter!

Make Next Summer Better With Spring-Planted Bulbs Now!

Kick-off spring With Spring-Planted bulbs from Nature Hills! We can’t wait to start planting these flowers and we know you feel the same way! You simply won’t believe how they can transform a landscape.

Space-saving, multiplying, easy-to-grow, and oh-so-versatile, Spring-planted Summer-flowering bulbs add that extra bit of interest and zest to the landscape! Fill voids, add pops of color and unexpected interest, and armloads of blooms for indoor designing with these fantastic perennial bulb plants!

Be rid of the winter blues with a few Begonias and Lilies - Spring-planted bulbs are a great way to hit the ground running. Place your order today and Nature Hills Nursery will reserve yours and ship them to your growing zone at the appropriate time for planting in your area!

Happy Planting!

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