Planting & Growing Lilac Bushes

Planting & Growing Lilac Bushes

What is a lilac?

A lilac (Family: Syringa) is a deciduous, flowering shrub. Native to Europe and Asia, lilac plants can be naturalized just about anywhere in the world that has the proper growing conditions.


Planting Lilacs

Lilac plants also need a good amount of moisture in the soil to thrive, but standing water may cause rot. The best thing to do when growing lilac is to mulch heavily near the base of the plant. This will allow the soil to maintain moisture and also provide shade for the root system. If the plant is grown in a container, spread out the roots and put the plant into the hole. Put the plant 2 or 3 inches deeper than the container, and put topsoil around the roots. Water the plant thoroughly, and place more topsoil around the plant. Lilac shrubs should be 5 to 15 feet apart, depending on the variety.


Watering Lilacs

Growing Lilacs

Growing lilacs is a fun and easy activity for any gardener. Lilacs are relatively easy to care for, if the proper conditions are given. Most lilac plants require full sun, yet some will tolerate partial shade, at the expense of fewer and smaller blooms. Growing lilacs should be done in a location with a good amount of soil drainage. While they are drought tolerant, growing lilac plants do need a good deal of moisture in order to thrive properly. They should be watered regularly to ensure that the soil is moist. Growing lilac shrubs can be done in areas all over the world, as there are lilacs that can thrive in zones from two to ten.

Caring for lilacs

Caring for Lilacs

The most important part of lilac care is watering them. Lilac bushes will need a fair amount of water during the hotter summer months, but not a whole lot. Once established, lilac bushes will survive with watering as infrequently as once a month. Lilac bushes will also grow better when given a light fertilizer in the early spring months. The best place for a lilac bush to be planted is in an area that has full direct sunlight. Another important aspect of growing lilacs is how and when to prune.  Click here to learn more about pruning lilacs.      

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