New Herbs to Drool Over for 2022!

New Herbs to Drool Over for 2022!

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Nature Hills is proud to introduce an exclusive new line of fantastic Herb plants by GardenZest® for your landscape! These are rare and cutting edge, unique versions of your favorite traditional herbs with better branching, enhanced flavor, improved color, and intensified aromas. These new Herbs are outstanding crossover plants from the Herb garden for ornamental use, containers, cutting gardens and beyond!

All of these new and exciting Herbs also feature later bloom times, so you can enjoy longer cutting potential and higher foliage yield per plant! Plus improvements such as disease and mildew resistance and insect resistance for great Herbs that won't need any fussing over!

These are just as versatile as an ornamental culinary Herb can get but with heightened color and intensified flavor, they’re as densely branched and compact for more delicious leaves to harvest!

Tuck these gems into your Herb, Vegetable and Kitchen Garden, Cutting borders and Container plantings. Fantastic in Pollinator Gardens where the blooms support a host of beneficial bees and other insects!

Their versatile blooms and bountiful foliage can be used for: herbs in bouquet

  • Fresh in recipes & baking
  • Add color, nutrition, flavor & aromatics to food
  • Floral design & bouquets
  • Dried for crafts or later culinary use
  • Sized for containers, planters, windowsills & small-space gardening
  • Highly ornamental garden décor

Fewer spraying for pests and other issues, just give these beauties some regular fertilizer and water to keep them happy and healthy! Plant these fantastic Herbs anywhere you need to spice up your landscape, your food, or inside your home!

Check out the new Herbs for 2022!

Here is Nature Hills' exclusive offering of brand-new, rare and unusual selections exhibiting unique traits never seen before!

Better than the Classic Chives Chives

Pink Flowering Chives and White Flowering Chives

  • Compact clumps of flavorful blue-green foliage
  • Larger edible flower clusters with unique color
  • Season dishes, dry for later use, garnish and floral design
  • Perennial Zones 3 - 9
  • Later blooming and enhanced flavor
  • Outstanding ornamental landscaping plant

Outstanding Oreganos oregano

‘TheGreek’ and ‘TallDark&Traditional’ Oregano feature enhanced flavor and aromatic qualities, but retain the familiar dark green fuzzy leaves, but with beautiful pink flowers for pollinators! Both these new Oregano’s have a wide range of culinary and ornamental landscaping uses!

  • ‘TheGreek’ is a fantastic prostrate spreading variety
  • ‘TallDark&Traditional’ is an upright growing form
  • Perennial Zones 5 - 9, great annual for colder climates

Bountiful Big-Leafed Basils basil

‘SweetSurvivor’ and ‘GenoSurvivor’ Basil have fantastic vase-shaped forms and incredible amounts of branching, so you get to harvest more per plant! Later blooming also gives you more leaves and less pinching to keep your Basil bushy!

  • ‘SweetSurvivor’ is a Nufar-type Basil while ‘GenoSurvivor’ is a Genovese Basil
  • Enhanced flavor and leaf size
  • Improved powdery mildew resistance
  • Annual Herbs

Amazingly Aromatic Herbs rosemary

'Cascading Rosemary' is a spreading, creeping prostrate Rosemary with grey-green foliage that’s broadleaf, densely branched and very compact! Giving you tons more intensely flavorful leaves to harvest per plant! Combined with heightened flavor and aroma, you’ll really punch up the flavors of your favorite recipes and baked goods!

  • Intense flavor and extremely aromatic foliage
  • Shrubby perennial in Zones 8 - 11, annual for colder climates
  • Fantastic ornamental landscaping and culinary uses!

'Intense Sage' is a narrow-leafed culinary Sage with beautiful silvery grey-green foliage. A fantastic ornamental for your landscaping garden beds and containers as a spiller and filler that pulls double-duty in the garden! Later blooming, compactly growing and densely branched, you’ll get more foliage per plant and more for your money!

  • Extremely aromatic and flavor enhanced!
  • Perennial Zones 5 - 8, annual for colder climates

Later Blooming & Boosted Flavors! late dill

‘Late&Spicy’ Cilantro features later season blooms so you can enjoy more of those gorgeous blue-green leafy stems, plus improved branching and very compact growth! It’s an ornamental and culinary delight and a beneficial plant for pollinators!

  • Blue-green leafy salad-type Cilantro
  • Heightened flavor and aroma
  • Annual Herb
  • Bit white flowers become Coriander seeds
  • Butterfly Host Plant

‘Late&Blue’ Dill is a later blooming, blue-green leafed Dill with enhanced branching, more compact so you get lots of leaves for all your favorite summer salads!

  • More flavor and aroma packed Dill Weed and Dill Seeds
  • Huge yellow blooms!
  • Butterfly Host Plant
  • Annual Herb

‘Late&Broad’ Epazote is a Mexican culinary herb with extremely strong flavor and aroma! Featuring broader, thicker leaves for higher foliage yield per plant! That means more tea, more authentic recipes and flowers that form later in the season for you to enjoy.

  • Later blooming for more foliage and less pinching
  • Annual Herb - Perennial in sub-tropical growing zones

‘Burgundy&Late’ Fennel is an extremely beautiful flowering plant! Growing tons of finely-textured, dark violet-burgundy foliage! It’s super compact with lots of basal branching with huge, bright yellow blooms are gorgeous flowers on their own! Fennel is also a vital host plant and nectar source for beneficial pollinators!

  • Extremely flavorful and aromatic
  • Butterfly Host Plant
  • Outstanding ornamental landscaping plant!

More Flavor - Less Effort potted herbs

Enhanced flavor, more foliage per plant and gorgeous garden additions are sure to give you more bang for your buck! Get more out of your garden investment for recipes, dried florals, crafts, floral bouquets, kitchen medicine and more!

Even if you’re not in a growing zone where they come back every year, their vigorous growth makes them fantastic annuals and seasonal container additions, beautiful accents in mixed-planters, or grown for Kitchen, Herb and Vegetable gardens during the warmer growing seasons! Many can be brought in for the winter and grown on a sunny windowsill for the cold months of the year.

Add some GardenZest® to your life with these easy-care exciting Herbs available at today!

Watch for more new and interesting Herb selections coming soon to Nature Hills Nursery!

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