Introducing an Improved, Well-Behaved Spirea

Introducing an Improved, Well-Behaved Spirea


To reduce the possibility of plants escaping gardens and becoming invasive, Nature Hills has been working with a breeder to bring us Nature’s Best Plants - “plants that stay put.” From that first round of breeding brings us a sterile Spirea that we call PowderPuff™.

PowderPuff™ can be planted without concern of becoming invasive because it is seedless and very well behaved. Best of all, it’s gorgeous and offers reblooming through the summer season.

Get to Love This New Spirea PowderPuff

Soft pink flowers are born in clusters on the tips of each branch in profusion. Flowers become showy in June. Closer inspection of the flower clusters reveal a raspberry red eye of each of the florets intensifying the soft pink color with an almost lavender cast overall – just beautiful.

PowderPuff™ will bloom again if you give your plant a light haircut as the first round of blooms finish. You’ll see soft pink flowers for weeks in June, and then another round of bloom soon thereafter.

How to Use Spirea PowderPuff in Your Garden Design

This Spirea makes a great little foundation plant or is perfect for short, colorful hedges around a walkway or patio. The overall form is uniform and mounded, getting 2-3’ tall and can spread 3-4’.  With pruning, it’s easy to keep it much smaller if you prefer. 

The spreading form makes is a nice plant for massing and planting on inclines or steep areas that are dangerous to mow.

PowderPuff™ can also be used to define perennial or mixed colorful beds, bringing some structure to the garden that will bloom for weeks throughout the summer.

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