Gardening Trends For 2023!

Gardening Trends For 2023!

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Stay on top of new gardening and landscaping methods with the help of Nature Hills Nursery! Check out what the New Year holds for you and your garden!

In addition to loads of fantastic new and exciting plants and ways to combine them, but also tons of great new ecological practices for you to employ in your garden that will help everyone and everything have a happier and healthier new year!

So let's jump into 2023 with a fresh batch of great new ideas!

1. Patterns, Color Combinations & Size!

Big bold leaves with intriguing patterns and textures have always caught the eye of many gardeners! Fascinating variegated foliage and multi-color leaves in new shapes and sizes arecolorful garden irresistible! The trend continues with new and unique leaf and flower shapes! There are so many new and unique color combinations that are coming our way!

There is also a trend for smaller, compact-sized plants! So that even if you don’t have a yard or garden, you can still enjoy your own porch, patio, and balcony landscape! 

Why not include the new Pantone® color of the year Viva Magenta 18-1750 in your garden this year and be a step ahead of the neighbors? Nature Hills offers many magenta foliage plants and magenta blooms for you to choose from!

2. Houseplant Mania!

As we continue being homebodies, in what is hopefully the tail end of a pandemic, gardening indoors is still going strong! Hand in hand with this trendHouse plants is doing more with less room, growing vertically, saving space, and incredible large-leafed houseplant displays! The same applies to indoor gardening! With so many new and exciting houseplants coming your way, you can fill your home with green (and every color you can think of) for year-round interiorscaping!

New trends include large leaves, colorful leaves, and climbing or hanging tropicals for you to enjoy! High-impact foliage, compact size, and ease of care - without taking up loads of space! Find new and exciting houseplants, Kokedama plants, terrariums, Bonsai, and more for your indoor garden-scaping!

Not just contributing to your peace of mind, relaxation, and beautifying your home, houseplants purify the air and refresh the indoor atmosphere. So go ahead and consider yourself a 'Plant Parent' all you want - now with more choices and variety available to you! And now there’s a world of ways to get your plants delivered to your doorstep!

3. Food Sustainability

With many of us staying at home more, the desire to eat organic or local, or just wanting produce gardenthe easy availability of fresh produce, the resurgence of the Victory Garden to keep us fed and busy has gained a new foothold! The incredible variety of plants and amount of information available to home vegetable gardeners, plus convenient ways to receive new plant material and seeds mean even the biggest homebody never has to leave the house to enjoy larger, easy-access variety!

To keep up with the Joneses, and conform to HOA standards, the availability of gorgeous ornamental plants that also serve up a bounty of fresh produce is becoming increasingly widely accepted! After all, why shouldn’t your landscaping pull double-duty and become edible landscaping?

4. Messy Yards & Shrinking Lawns = Less Water & Less Fuel Use

As we continue to find all these fantastic new plant varieties and expand our veggie and herb gardens, that front lawn has been shrinking and shrinking every year! Combined with smallergarden with less lawn properties and less space, water shortages and restrictions, less room overall, and HOAs, both front and backyard lawns are shrinking in size to make room for gardens and outdoor rooms!

Less lawn means less herbicide use, pesticides, less water, and less work! Not all trends are heading towards completely replacing the turf, some of the new ideas are to simply replace turf grass with alternatives, or with meadows and prairies that are a cinch to care for and need much less water. Shrinking the size of your lawn also helps with reducing the need for frequent watering, pesticides, less fuel for gas lawnmowers, reduce pollution and chemical dependency. 

The increasing need for more xeric and water-wise plants, as well as methods of caring for your landscape without adding to pollution and chemical use, are on the rise. Using native plants and xeric choices helps reduce water usage as well as lowers your reduces maintenance (saves you time!) and expense! Choosing battery-operated or hand tools helps not only to get around all this but gives you a workout too!

Having messy gardens and the “Leave The Leaves” trend to help out pollinators and beneficial insects, plus planting landscaping with wildlife and birds in mind has also continued with rising urgency. Leaf litter and messy gardens are places for creatures to thrive in, forage in, hide and take shelter all winter. It’s where their eggs and larvae can take refuge, and often where their cocoons hide as they pupate before hatching.

Waiting until mid-spring and temperatures have warmed up allows these eggs and cocoons to hatch before that lawn debris is whisked away to the compost bin or yard waste bags in the landfill. Or, consider using the leaves in place as mulch around the base of your newly planted annuals. This also saves you time, money, and work in the long run!

5. Backyard Zen

Minimalist and simplistic, relaxing spaces and meditative areas, and Zen spaceoutdoor rooms for privacy help us that have been cooped up at home due to the pandemic feel more relaxed, less confined, and healthier - in mind, body, and spirit! They also take less work to keep maintained and tidy.

Creating a water garden, a secluded green space, or simply a garden bench by your favorite Rose bush or a reading chair beneath the shade of a tree counts as a great start. No yard? Carve out a nook on a balcony or porch for yourself to find some peace out in the fresh air.

New Year - New Landscape Ideas & Methodologies!

Jump into the 2023 New Year with a refreshed mind, body, spirit, and landscape - both indoors and out - with new trends that are geared toward the health and benefit of everyone and everything in mind! Whether we continue to spend more time at home or not, we can get back outdoors to the fullest! You will be ready to continue making your home landscape a sanctuary!

Nature Hills is proud to be here for you since 2001 and will continue to be here with amazing new plant varieties and colors, new garden trends and methods, as well as great new ideas for your landscape! Ring in 2023 with new plants, fresh minds, better health, and loads of new ideas!

Happy Planting in 2023 and beyond!

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