Bare Root Plants…. what to expect when you are expecting delivery

Bare Root Plants…. what to expect when you are expecting delivery

Our bare root deliveries continue into the middle part of June.  You may be receiving plants that have no leaves on them even though the plants in your yard are leafed out and growing.  This is normal!

Nurseries have been growing bare root for generations...and the whole idea of digging plants without any soil, and holding those plants dormant in our coolers is still a very commonly used practice for growers. 

Bare root plants ship easily and the beauty is the roots are not growing in circles.  Plant roots that start growing in circles continue to do so once planted back into the ground and can cause root girdling down the road.  That does not happen with bare root plants.

Don’t think your bare root plants are dead when delivered because they do not have any leaves on them yet.  Bare root plants are dormant coming from our coolers that are 35 degrees, and the plants still think it is winter.  Once planted into the warm soils, the plants will slowly come out of dormancy and produce beautiful results. 

Bare root plants do take a bit or patience, but the end results are healthy plants at an excellent value.  A light pruning of the tips will help to your plants going a bit faster.  Soak the roots at delivery, and keep the soil moist at the roots after planting, and have a bit of patience and you will have reliable results.  

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