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Bacon Avocado Tree

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Delicious Avocados Right in Your Own Backyard

Bacon Avocado Tree is a late-producing variety of Avocado tree with exceptional fruit. It would make a terrific specimen tree for your yard, or several could be planted as a small orchard for a dramatic effect.

Your Bacon Avocado Tree is a mid-winter variety named for James Bacon, who developed it in 1954. It’s a highly productive Avocado tree with a lovely upright and spreading habit. Its dark green, glossy leaves lend an attractive, tropical appeal to the 15-20 feet of height, so you won’t want to miss having one of these in your yard.

The Bacon Avocado Tree is self-fertile as well, so you don’t have to worry about needing other varieties to ensure a healthy plant or successful harvest. It’s somewhat hardy, but still needs some protection from frost.

The outstanding feature of your Bacon Avocado Tree is of course its fruit. The oval fruits ripen in late fall and into spring. Smooth, green skin provides a lively compliment to the lighter creamy flesh within. The fruits of your Bacon Avocado are particularly easy to peel and have a light, subtle flavor that compliments almost any dish.

Whether you enjoy Avocados as a dip, sliced into a sandwich, or simply sprinkled with a little salt on a hot summer day…they’re a wholesome treat that tastes more like a sinful indulgence. Their creamy texture and delicate flavor make them a perfect addition to a variety of recipes, and they’re chocked full of health benefits and even have medicinal uses.

Just imagine bringing your own home-grown Avocados to the next neighborhood barbecue or family event!

* Exceptional fruit
* Lovely appearance
* Somewhat hardy

Top Avocado Selection

As Avocados go, the Bacon has proven to be a standout because of its wider range of adaptation. Planted in 1928 by James E. Bacon of Buena Park, this chance seedling was as a part of a windbreak to protect his Citrus crop. Thought to be a Mexican-Guatemalan cross, it is referred to as a hybrid, but the parent plants are unknown, as is the case with many Avocado varieties.

Due to the popularity of the avocado as a hedge plant, many of the most popular avocado varieties are named after citrus growers, including Hass. As the popularity of avocados grew, many of these citrus growers began to evaluate the seedlings that they had been growing within these hedges.

In 1951, Bacon introduced his avocado selection and the qualities of the Bacon quickly stood out. The first was the fact that the Bacon appeared to be a B-type flower with the fruit ripening in the late fall and into the winter. This made it competition for the already popular Fuerte variety.

The Bacon's consistent heavy production increased its popularity, as well. Soon, it was also recognized as a great pollinator for many popular A-type avocados such as Stewart, Pinkerton and the rising star Hass Avocado.

It's cold hardiness was realized as the Bacon would perform well in the occasional hard freeze in Southern California. As Avocados began to be tried in the cooler climates of zone 9, this quality made it a solid recommendation for testing. Many of the popular varieties were just not able to withstand the cold winters of zone 9.

Today, the Bacon is still recommended for its outstanding adaptability to the colder zone 9 climates. In these colder climates, it is also recognized for its ability to set without an A-type flowering variety present. Many of the surviving early planted Bacon avocados are still fruiting without any other avocado variety as a pollinator nearby.


Bacon Avocado Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 9-11
Growing Zones 9-11
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Persea americana 'Bacon'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 15 - 20 feet
Mature Spread 14 - 18 feet
Soil Type Adaptable
Moisture Moderate
Sun Exposure Full Sun