Willow Trees

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Willow Trees

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Willow trees are in the genus Salix, and there are approximately 400 species of deciduous willows worldwide. Willows come in a wide range of sizes and forms, but any plant with the botanical name of Salix, is related. Nature Hills markets some beautiful willow trees, especially the Weeping Willows that include several related varieties like the Niobe and Corkscrew Willow.  

Willows are fast growing and are extremely comfortable in wet areas, creek banks, and sites that can be irrigated during dry spells. Willows are quite adaptable to many soil conditions as long as ample moisture is available. Hybrid Willows are very useful for screening because they are dense and fast growing. They transplant readily, are easy to care for, and offer rewarding results, even for the beginner gardener. The unique twisting branch shape of the corkscrew, or the graceful branches of the weeping willow will provide an awesome focal point to any landscape. As a side note, willow wood is still widely used in the craft industry and basket making. For more information please click on any picture or call Nature Hills at 888.864.7663.