Small Trees

Small Trees

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  1. Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree Zones: 5-9
    As low as $56.14

  2. Soft Serve® False Cypress Zones: 5-7
    As low as $55.99

  3. Autumn Blooming Cherry Zones: 4-8
    As low as $66.95

  4. Nanking Cherry Tree Zones: 2-6
    As low as $53.99

  5. Emperor One Japanese Maple Zones: 5-9
    As low as $63.99

  6. Bloodgood Japanese Maple Zones: 5-8
    As low as $63.99

  7. White Flowering Dogwood Zones: 5-9
    As low as $59.49

  8. White Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry Zones: 5-9
    As low as $225.00

  9. Eastern Redbud Zones: 4-9
    As low as $42.95

  10. Chaste Tree Zones: 5-9
    As low as $29.99

  11. Jane Magnolia Zones: 4-8
    As low as $117.95

  12. Kousa Dogwood Zones: 5-9
    As low as $59.49

  13. Japanese Lilac Tree Zones: 3-7
    As low as $98.99

  14. Cleveland Flowering Pear Zones: 5-8
    As low as $89.99

  15. North Pole® Arborvitae Zones: 3-7
    As low as $64.95

  16. Prairifire Crabapple Zones: 4-9
    As low as $98.99

  17. Natchez Crape Myrtle Zones: 6-9
    As low as $56.95

  18. Bonfire Peach Tree Zones: 5-8
    As low as $102.95

  19. Paw Paw Zones: 5-8
    As low as $79.19

  20. Amethyst Falls Wisteria Tree Zones: 5-9
    As low as $275.00

  21. Dwarf Japanese Cedar Zones: 5-9
    As low as $49.99

  22. Chocolate Fountain Mimosa Tree Zones: 6-10
    As low as $119.99

  23. Dwarf Mugo Pine Zones: 2-8
    As low as $55.99

  24. Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Tree Zones: 3-8
    As low as $98.99

  25. Flame Amur Maple Zones: 3-8
    As low as $53.99

  26. Spring Snow Crabapple Zones: 3-7
    As low as $98.99

  27. Sugar Tyme Crabapple Zones: 4-7
    As low as $98.99

  28. Purple Prince Crabapple Zones: 4-8
    As low as $98.99

  29. Red Jewel Crabapple Zones: 4-8
    As low as $98.99

  30. Mugo Pine Zones: 3-7
    As low as $64.74

  31. Flame Willow Tree Zones: 4-9
    As low as $96.95
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Just Right Delightful Small Trees

Small, beautiful trees are useful on properties of all sizes. Use dozens of early spring-flowering Redbud Trees for a park-like setting on large properties.

Electric pink flowers dazzle in bloom before the heart-shaped leaves emerge. Our modern Redbud collection also display great disease resistance.

Small trees are enormously satisfying in the landscape. Choose an evocative, romantic evergreen weeper like Bruns Weeping Serbian Spruce.

These slow-growing ornamental trees grow into a work of art you'll never grow tired of studying. Treat them like you would a good friend.

Why for Small Trees

When it has to suit your style, go to for a fun shopping experience. Look at every option, or sort based on Growing Zone and sun exposure. offers a wide selection of compact deciduous and evergreen trees. We even have Columnar Fruit trees for a darling visual and dessert treat in early summer through fall harvest.

High-End Small Trees for Front Yards

If you want small trees to grace a formal setting, look for varieties that offer four-seasons of interest. Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry grows into a graceful small tree with smooth gray bark and a lovely branching habit.

With this selection, you get pretty spring blooms, edible summer berries for homemade jam or to feed the songbirds. And nothing beats it for outstanding fall color!

Keep one in a large outdoor container on your balcony or Roof Garden. Find a light-weight pot that measures at least 24 inches in diameter for best results.

Perfect Small Trees for Backyard Privacy

For yards with limited available space, small trees work harder to give your small yard a garden feature. Choose wisely, and you'll also gain a privacy screen.

Almost Everything You Want to Know About Privacy >>

You'll want to know that large shrubs can easily be kept as small trees. Simply limb up the lowest branches into either a single-stem or multi-stemmed clump.

Nannyberry Viburnum is an excellent native selection that works as a shrubby privacy screen. Plant several of them five feet apart, so that the canopies touch.

Flame Amur Maple is another colorful option with flowers, dark green leaves...and incredible fall color. It is an easy-care tree that makes a big impression.

With dense foliage that clings to the tree in winter, small evergreen trees should be used for structure. Let their steady green tones create definition.

Small evergreen trees include Nellie Stevens Holly. You'll love their well-appointed presence in your landscape.

Riverside Arborvitae is also a great choice for suburban living. They grow tall enough to hide second-floor windows.

Evergreens can also be fun! Try a row of light-hearted broad-leaved Jane Magnolia for a flowering wallpaper along the far end of your patio.

You might not think of "small" when you read the Mature Height and Spread of Baker's Colorado Blue Spruce. But—both it and Columnar Blue Spruce are petite versions of the large native tree.

Small Trees for Full Sun Spaces >>

Small Trees that Grow in Partial to Full Shade >>

(How-To) Create an Effective Mixed Planting of Small Trees

Now, don't feel like you need to stick with a single species. Coordinate your favorites into a personal paradise!

Try a Crape Myrtle hedge along your property line. Buy yourself some nice pruners, and keep your Crapes pruned into a glorious living fence, kept to any height you like.

#ProPlantTips Pruning 101 >>

Tucked away around the corner, add Slenderina Weeping Blue Spruce—one of our quirky specialty evergreens—as an exploration of mood. Please ask your family to give this incredible tree a it definitely will display a personality.

Underplant it with your favorite Shade Perennial or Shade Groundcover. Turn a forgotten burden into a living space to maximize your property values.

Don't forget, you can allow Boulevard Patio Clematis vines to grow along the ground, too. It's fine for a few of their delicate tendrils to grow up into the canopy.

Anchor your patio planting with your favorite Chaste tree. The cool-toned, aromatic blooms and gray-green foliage effortlessly set the vibe to chill.

Add a water fountain at the end of your patio. Plant the exquisite foliage of the Japanese Red Maples in it's splash zone...and it will grow into a living statue.

Relish the opportunity to use small trees in different outdoor garden rooms. Some trees grow to become walls, some will be accents...but all will reflect your own creativity.

Take the plunge! Get into gardening as a very healthy way to connect with Nature.

Professional Design Tips for Amateur Gardeners

Small trees give homeowners and landscapers delight. Many landscapes can simply be overpowered with larger tree specimens; whereas a smaller tree fits perfectly into a compact area.

Small trees fit so many applications and planting sites. Small trees also give you the opportunity to display color and shape in any yard or location.

Fast-Growing Small Trees can screen objectionable views, provide privacy, add height to a fence, and provide for patio shade. You'll love their varied foliage, flowers, bark color and texture, fruit, and fall color for year-round interest.

Use small trees to fill out the middle layers of your landscape. Small Flowering Crabapple trees can be used singly or grouped together into a focal point.

You'll love the gorgeous flowers with a multitude of different bloom colors and size choices. Don't forget to select your favorite fall fruit color, as well!

Imagine an informal row of Flowering Dogwood trees in bloom along the edge of a woodland. Dappled shade suits these lovely small trees best of all.

Top Front and Back Yard Trees >>

Commercial Properties Should Make the Most of Small Trees

Try a collection of Cherry Blossom trees. Study the Mature Spread of your favorites, and plant them using the largest number listed.

Measure them "on center"...from the trunk of one to the trunk of the next. Consider adding ten to twenty extra feet between your specimens for plenty of room between each canopy.

Label each specimen with weatherproof signage. Don't forget to add benches, garbage cans and a walking path!

People adore these spring'll have foot traffic at your property enjoying the exquisite blossoms each and every spring. Be sure to use that publicity on your business branding and on your social media!

Tree-Form Shrubs Make Incredible Small Trees

Our experts turn the world's most popular shrubs into fabulous tree-form plants. This is another wonderful way to incorporate the showy beauty of small trees in your space.

If you love color, try a Landscape Shrub Rose tree or a Pink Chiffon Rose of Sharon tree-form. For fragrance, try a Miss Kim Lilac tree.

They look perfect by your front door, but can also be grown in large outdoor containers. Decorate your patio or balcony with one or more as the "Thriller" in your hardy containers.

365 Gorgeous Days with Hardy Containers >>

Selection, Planting and Care Tips for Small Trees

Please measure the Mature Height and Spread carefully. Your goal should be to eliminate yard work with good choices that fit your space.

Order your small tree from today, if you see it in stock. We sell out quickly...and we will hold your order until the time is right for planting in your area.

Track your well-packed small tree to your doorstep. Open your boxes right away and give your new plants a nice, long drink of water.

Dig your hole twice as wide as the root ball, but no deeper. Keep plants growing at the same level they were at the plant nursery.

It's a good idea to use Nature Hills Root Booster when planting trees and shrubs. This symbiotic formula gives a life-long relationship with the tiny feeder roots...a great "boost" for your landscape assets!

Press the backfill soil around your new tree (keep the trunk straight with help from a friend!) Water your newly planted tree very well to eliminate air pockets at the root zone.

Finish with a bag or two of wood mulch to a depth of three inches, and spread to three feet outside the canopy. Pull the mulch back away from the trunk by six inches for good air circulation.

Less Room, More Plants for Small Space Gardening >>

Plant your favorite small shade trees, or add fragrant Lilac flowering trees from this season. It's an easy way to quickly upgrade your yard!

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