Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For New Jersey

New Jersey Flag
State Tree: Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
State Flower: Violet (Viola sororia)
Planting Zones In New Jersey: Zones 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for New Jersey

New Jersey Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants for your New Jersey Garden

New Jersey has the unique distinction of being a leading industrial state, having the highest population density in the U.S., and yet also still possesses the title of “The Garden State”.  In fact New Jersey boasts top ten production of several agricultural products (such as Blueberries, spinach and asparagus to name a few).  As the 4th smallest state, one would think that New Jersey lacks diversity in its gardening conditions.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Even though small, New Jersey encompasses the Appalachian Ridge and Valley region, Piedmont, New England Upland area and the Atlantic Coastal Plain...providing an abundance of challenges and opportunities in gardening choices.  New Jersyites know what they want for their households--whether it be for an apartment windowsill in Newark or in the Tri-County Farmbelt, New Jersey residents have long trusted Nature Hills Nursery to supply all their gardening needs.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills has been serving the great state of New Jersey with quality products and service.

Choosing A Tree For Your New Jersey Home

New Jersey isn’t called “The Garden State” for nothing!  Nature Hills Nursery has found its New Jersey friends to have several favorites among its products. The Northern Red Oak is one of the largest trees species in New Jersey (nearly 100 ft tall), and one of the fastest growing.  In fact, it’s the state tree, and also one of the most beautiful--enlightening the autumn landscape with its brilliant red foliage.  New Jerseyans also enjoy the Weeping Willow, its ground-sweeping, graceful branches an unmistakable sight in any landscape.  Nature Hills Nursery also provides its best-selling Purple Crape Myrtle (with gorgeous, purple color all summer), and the Royal Empress (another stately tree, providing abundant, spring blooms).  With so many remarkable trees to choose from, Nature Hills Nursery is ready to provide these, and many other favorites, to its New Jersey guests. 

Selecting New Jersey Shrubs

New Jersey is sometimes called “the clam state” for its Delaware Bay and coastal area clam harvests, so with its salt-tolerant nature, Rugosa Rose is a popular choice among New Jerseyans.  It’s an awesome, fast-growing shrub rose that rarely disappoints.  Likewise, Green Mountain Boxwood is a popular choice of our New Jersey guests due to its exceptional evergreen nature and ability to thrive even in a patio container.  Other favorites are the Lo & Behold Blue Chip Butterfly Bush and Common Purple Lilac, versatile choices that are sure to look gorgeous in almost any New Jersey region.

Popular New Jersey Perennials

Living in a small state, with a large range of conditions, New Jerseyites’ favorite perennials likewise posses a wide range of attributes and hardy natures.  Hostas, Asters and Peony plants are best-selling choices at Nature Hills Nursery among our New Jersey guests.  Versatile and lovely plants such as Sage, and the climbing Clematis, are also often requested. 
No matter what area of New Jersey you reside in, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to meet your gardening needs this year.  Whether a few small plants for a windowsill or container garden, trees and shrubs for a large farmhouse, or some flowering perennials for a seaside resort…Nature Hills Nursery has the quality products and services you’re seeking.

New Jersey Department of Agriculture
New Jersey Agricultural Society

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