Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Iowa

Iowa Flag
State Tree: Oak (genus Quercus)
State Flower: Wild Prairie Rose (Rosa arkansana)
Planting Zones In Iowa: Zones 4, 5 & 6

Planting Zone Map for Iowa

Iowa Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Iowa Garden

The great state of Iowa is sometimes called “The Hawkeye State”, a tribute to Chief Black Hawk.  That same respect for history and tradition is evident in Iowa’s revered position as a classic Midwestern state.  Since the 1980’s Iowa’s economy has increased in manufacturing, mining and service industries.  However Iowa is still considered “the land of the rolling prairie”, and perhaps best known for its fertile farmland, vast prairies and rolling hills.   Much of the tall grass prairie that once dominated the state is gone, but Iowa is now a leading producer in corn and soybeans.  This “Corn State” has a highly agricultural orientation…which goes hand-in-hand with an interest in gardening.  Iowa’s wide variation in climate, from hot and humid summers to harsh winters, can create both challenge and opportunity for Iowans who love to garden…and that’s where Nature Hills Nursery comes in.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills Nursery has provided the high-quality products and services that discerning Iowans have come to expect.

Choosing A Tree For Your Iowa Home

The mighty Oak tree is the state tree of Iowa, a fitting designation to match the strong and industrious nature of Iowans.  At Nature Hills Nursery, Iowans most often choose the American Sycamore (another stately tree), Royal Empress (a lovely, fast growing tree), and Autumn Blaze Maple (for its stunning, fall display).  Iowans also love trees that combine beauty with a functional quality.  Honeycrisp Apple (renowned for its delicious harvest), and Paw Paw (with its tasty banana/mango-flavored fruit), are commonly requested trees from Nature Hills Nursery each year.

Selecting Iowa Shrubs

Iowa is clearly a state that feels a connection to the natural world, even naming the state after the Iowa River, which in turn was named for the “Ioway” Indians (who resided in the area).  Many shrubs of exceptional beauty and purpose can be found throughout the state.  In fact, the popular Serviceberry shrub grows naturally, its 4-season beauty enlivening the Iowa landscape.  Perhaps that’s why Iowans often order Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry from Nature Hills Nursery, as well as the BiColor Butterfly Bush and Lilac bushes.  These are exceptionally lovely shrubs with outstanding blooms that possess a natural appearance in the landscape.  Another favorite among our Iowan guests is the Top Hat Blueberry, a hardy blueberry shrub that is not only adorable but also productive.  Whatever the preference in high-performance shrubs, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to provide the products and services Iowans need.

Popular Iowa Perennials

Whether in a college dorm room in Iowa City, an apartment in Des Moines or a backyard garden in the small town of Alden, Iowans love perennials.  At Nature Hills Nursery our Iowa customers particularly love the impressive Ajuga groundcover, bright Phlox and an assortment of Hosta and ornamental grasses.  Whatever the choice of perennial however, Nature Hills Nursery has provided for the gardening needs of Iowans for over 13 years.

The famous Iowa State Fair, Amana Colonies and “Field of Dreams” in Dyersville are just a few of the attractions Iowa has to offer.  The most impressive draw however would be the state itself, resplendent in natural beauty and some of the best farmland in the nation.  What better place to garden, and what better place to provide gardening needs for Iowans than Nature Hills Nursery! 

Iowa Department of Agriculture
Iowa State University Extension

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