Trees, Shrubs & Perennials for Iowa

State Tree:

  • Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa)

State Flower:

  • Prairie Rose (Rosa arkansana)

USDA Growing Zones in Iowa:

  • 4, 5 & 6

Choosing Trees & Shrubs for Your Iowa Landscape

Shop at Nature Hills Nursery for the largest online collection of Iowa trees, shrubs and perennials that will be right at home in your garden. Iowa is one of the colder states in the Midwest and has a surprising number of landforms that impact growing conditions. Our staff horticulturists have put together this Iowa planting guide with recommendations for Hawkeye state inhabitants. Click on a category or browse our Iowa plant bestsellers to get started.


Nearly all of Iowa is in USDA growing zones 4B and 5. Even with this relative consistency, there are still local variations in rainfall, sun levels, soil quality and pests that can affect what plants will thrive. Each variety you click on has a Plant Highlight Facts section with the flora’s requirements in these areas and many more. We also provide a Plant Care Library of important information about planting techniques and maintenance. Whether you want to plant the official Bur Oak state tree or some Purpleleaf Sand Cherry privacy bushes, Nature Hills Nursery can guide you through the entire process.


As a certified partner of the Plant Sentry™ database, Nature Hills Nursery will only ship products that comply with all local, state and federal regulations. We also provide one-on-one expert service by phone, email or Instant Chat. All your planting needs are delivered directly to your door via FedEx Ground home shipping.