Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Illinois

Illinois Flag
State Tree: White Oak (Quercus alba)
State Flower: Purple Violet (genus Viola)
Planting Zones In Illinois: Zones 5, 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for Illinois

Illinois Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Illinois Garden

Illinois is sometimes referred to as a microcosm for the entire county, and indeed it does seem to have it all!  From its large and small cities to its agricultural areas rich with natural resources, Illinois seems to offer a little of everything…including climate. If you live in Illinois, you know that the huge expanse between its northern and southern boundaries can mean a wide array of gardening challenges. No matter where you live in the great state of Illinois however, Nature Hills Nursery is here to meet your needs, just as it has helped countless Illinois gardeners for the past 13 years. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Illinois Home

The White Oak may be the Illinois state tree, but one of our most popular trees chosen by Illinoisans is the Royal Empress.  Known as the world’s fastest growing shade tree, Royal Empress can grow up to 15 feet in one year and displays stunning, cascades of bell-shaped blooms for spring.  The Autumn Blaze Maple is likewise high on the list of popularity in the “land of Lincoln”.  With its hardy nature and brilliant color, Autumn Blaze’s 60-foot tall, open canopy of red-tinted leaves is an impressive sight in any landscape.  The Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae and Weeping Redbud are just two more of the many choices Nature Hills Nursery offers to those who garden in “the corn state”.

Selecting Illinois Shrubs

Whether your home resides in the heart of “the prairie state”, the Chicagoland of northern Illinois or the “downstate” regions of southern Illinois, Nature Hills Nursery has a shrub to fit your unique soils and conditions.  One of the most popular choices of Illinois residents is the Common Purple Lilac.  Far from “common”, this fragrant gem of floral perfection will enliven your yard each spring with a multitude of pollinators and the exquisite sights and scents that only a traditional Lilac can create.  If year-round color is more to your liking this year, then try our Green Velvet Boxwood.  A favorite among our Illinois guests, this prize-winning, evergreen jewel will soon be esteemed by you as well.  With so many shrubs to choose from, Nature Hills is sure to have the perfect shrub for your Illinois home this year.

Popular Illinois Perennials

With the Purple Violet as its state flower, Illinois has set the standard high for perennials.  Our Illinois guests clearly reflect this good taste by their frequent choice of such perennials as the prolifically-blooming, hardy Geranium and adorable Daisy.  The versatile Sage plant and colorful Sedum are also favorite selections of our Illinois guests as is most of our blue or purple flowering perennials. Living in “the garden state” of Illinois comes with many blessings and challenges for the gardening enthusiast..and Nature Hills Nursery is the optimal choice for addressing them all.  Whether you live in an apartment amid the exciting city of Chicago or find your home surrounded by lush fields of corn and soybeans, Nature Hills has the plants and products to make your gardening choices a success this year!

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Illinois Department of Agriculture
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