Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Colorado

Colorado Flag
State Tree: Blue Spruce (Picea pungens)
State Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine (Aquilegia caerulea)
Planting Zones In Colorado: Zones 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7

Planting Zone Map for Colorado

Colorado Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Colorado Garden

President Roosevelt once referred to Colorado as the “Switzerland of America” and in fact, Colorado is often considered the highest elevation state (with the highest mean elevation).  The Rocky Mountains figure prominently in Colorado’s geography but the eastern portion of the state is relatively flat (and where much agriculture is accomplished).  The state has a long heritage of mining, including the Colorado Gold Rush in 1858.  It has also been known as “The Lead State” and “The Silver State” for similar reasons.  With such a rich heritage and abundance of natural resources, Coloradans have long been avid gardeners…and for over 13 years have trusted Nature Hills Nursery to supply their gardening needs. 

Choosing A Tree For Your Colorado Home

“The Centennial State” boasts the Blue Spruce as its state tree, and they are certainly a prominent sight throughout the state.  Other favorite trees that nature Hills Nursery stocks for its Colorado guests are the Royal Empress (with its fast-growing, year round attractions), the Ginkgo (that features one-of-a-kind foliage), and Autumn Blaze Maple (with its magnificent, flaming color).  The Blue Chinese Wisteria is likewise a popular choice, its tree form resplendent in violet-blue blossoms every spring.  Finally, who can forget the Tulip Poplar, a fast-growing shade tree with adorable spring blossoms.

Selecting Colorado Shrubs

Centennials love their colorful shrubs, and among the favorite supplied by Nature Hills Nursery are the Primrose Lilac (a rare, yellow Lilac), Hazelnut (a lovely shrub with delicious nuts), and Adonis Blue™ Butterfly Bush (resplendent in stunning, blue blossoms).  The Winged Burning Bush is likewise a Colorado favorite with its exceptional autumn display.  Whatever the favored choice, Nature Hills Nursery stands ready to fulfill the needs of our shrub-loving, Colorado friends.

Popular Colorado Perennials

Colorado is sometimes called “The Buffalo Plains State” for the large herds of Bison that lived on the plains.  Those plains were also home to a variety of wildflowers, as they still are today.  Throughout the state in fact, perennials are beloved for their colorful contribution to Colorado homes.  Some favorites of our Colorado guests are Columbine (with its unique and variable blossoms), Coreopsis (a hardy and prolific bloomer), and Hostas (with their variety of verdant and versatile foliage).  These perennials, and others, are available year-after-year for our Colorado friends.

No matter where you live in the great state of Colorado, be it a Rocky Mountain retreat, an apartment in Boulder or in a small town in Pueblo, Nature Hills Nursery has the products and services you need to enhance your landscape.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills Nursery has been a popular choice of Coloradans. 

Colorado Department of Agriculture
Colorado State University Extension

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