Terms of Service

When you place an order, you’re agreeing to the following terms:

Growing & Glowing Guarantee

Have you had some bad luck with the plant you received from us? We’re here to help. All warrantable plant items are covered with our complimentary warranty. It lasts 1 full year from the date of delivery. If you experience a plant loss within that time frame, you may be eligible for an in-store credit (no refunds) of up to one-half the value of the original purchase price.

To file a claim for a replacement purchase, you must contact Nature Hills within the 1-year time frame. Our agents are happy to assist you by phone at 402-934-8116. Our Standard shipping rates apply and cannot be combined with any promotions or flat/free shipping offers. Please understand that some factors are out of our control, such as drought, pest damage and natural disasters. These factors will affect our ability to issue you an in-store credit. Replacement orders are not eligible for warranty coverage.

Paid Warranty

Have you had some bad luck with the plant you received from us and have purchased the paid warranty? Again, we’re here to help. All warrantable plant items covered by the purchased paid warranty will have 1 full year of coverage from the date of delivery. Should you experience a loss of a plant and have purchased this warranty, you may be eligible for an in-store credit (no refunds) for the value of the original purchase price in full.

To file a claim for a paid warranty replacement purchase, you must contact Nature Hills within the 1-year time frame. Our agents are happy to assist you by phone at 402-934-8116. Our Standard shipping rates apply and cannot be combined with any promotions or flat/free shipping offers. Please know that many factors are out of our control, such as drought, pest damage and natural disasters. These factors will affect our ability to issue you an in-store credit. Replacement orders are not eligible for warranty coverage.

Canceling Orders

All canceled orders incur a 20% fee of the total order value. This fee is in place to cover the operational costs involved when canceling an order. Once the process of fulfillment starts, no cancellations are permitted. Upon approval of a cancellation, there will be a refund of 80% of the order value OR if preferred, the customer may elect to receive an in-store credit for the full purchase price, thereby avoiding the 20% fee entirely. Changes to transactions may incur additional fees.

Did You Accidentally Order Twice?

In the event of an accidental duplicate purchase, please contact us immediately by phone (402-934-8116) or by using our customer service portal to inform our staff. We will review and address any possible duplicate orders however, once the process of fulfillment starts, no cancellations are permitted.

No Refused or Returned Packages are Accepted

We do not allow the refusal or return of perishable plant materials due to agricultural restrictions.

If an issue arises upon delivery, you agree to accept the merchandise, notify our team within 3 days of delivery, and follow our service team’s advice to resolve any such concerns directly. We will work to resolve your issue.

Hard goods materials such as fertilizers, staking kits, etc. may be returned. Once returned to Nature Hills Nursery in the original unopened manufactured packaging, a refund of 60% of the value of the merchandise will be provided to the customer, excluding shipping costs.


We will only refund a customer upon the approval of a cancellation or upon the return of a saleable hard good (i.e., fertilizer, staking kit, etc.). Damaged hard goods or hard goods that have been opened from their original manufactured packaging are not considered saleable and no refund will be provided.

Shipping Estimates

Shipping estimates are provided on the product pages of our website for every item we sell. Please understand that shipping estimates are also included on your emailed order confirmation. We do our best to give accurate estimates, however, please understand that these are subject to change and weather permitting. If you require further information, please contact our service team at 402-934-8116 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Damages & Errors in Fulfillment & Shipping

Our goal is to always create a positive experience for our customers. Some issues are easily fixed, and some will involve cooperation between the customer and our team. If material arrives not as described, please notify our team within 3 days of delivery so we can best serve you.

Plants are alive and resilient with proper care. Minor damage to blooms, leaves, branching, trunks, root systems, containers, and boxing may sometimes occur and should not be a quality concern.

Please understand that Nature Hills is not responsible for packages that are confirmed delivered by the parcel carrier but declared missing by the customer. Nature Hills is not responsible for packages stolen after delivery.

Could a Wrong Plant Have Been Shipped?

We are careful to label varieties true to name, and we will replace the product if we have sent the incorrect plant. We will not refund the purchase price of the plant, but we will replace the plant at our expense. Customer acknowledges that they understand the plant type they are purchasing as posted on each product page at www.naturehills.com. Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. will not replace or refund any items where the customer purchased the wrong plant type.

In the unlikely event that your order arrives missing an item or there were delivery issues, please contact customer service by clicking this link: customer-support.naturehills.com within 3 days of receipt. We require a picture of the items received; including the packing slip and we will reship. We don't offer refunds, but if the missing item is out of stock customer may substitute an item of comparable value

#ProPlantTips for Success

While we work tirelessly to provide all the information anyone could possibly want about the plants we sell, it’s a monumental task that inevitably leaves some details out. However, we do provide the base plant facts such as USDA growing zone ratings and highlights.

We always suggest doing your own research when planning your garden with us. Other sources may state information differently or a plant's highlights may have changed slightly in recent years. As a nursery that ships nationwide, we state plant facts based on the USDA Growing Zone Map and thus, do not take into account specific microclimates. If you’re interested in learning about your microclimate, your local agriculture extension office is a valuable resource.

Keep in mind: basic care practices like watering, pruning, mulching, and selecting the right plant for your climate all contribute towards the success of your garden. These same practices also contribute to how plants are presented in pictures and videos on our website. We try our best to show you pictures of what the mature plant will look like once established in a landscape.

Let’s Talk Bareroot

Have you ordered a bareroot plant or are you thinking about doing so soon but aren’t sure what to expect? No problem, it’s one of our favorite topics.

Ordering a plant bareroot simply means it will ship to you in its dormant state without dirt covering the roots. Think about trees outside during the winter - leafless and dormant. This is the same concept. A bareroot tree or bush might shock you at first. Please plant it in the ground, give it adequate water, and watch it break dormancy within a month or two.

Planting bareroot has many benefits such as being a great deal less expensive than their containerized counterparts and because the roots aren’t enclosed in a container, they’re ready to reach into your ground and establish your plant faster.

We will not evaluate bareroot plants for loss claims until it’s failed a scratch test.

If you’re interested in learning more about bareroot plants along with visuals of what to expect, check out our #ProPlantTips article and Videos.

A Note About Container Sizes

The plants on our website are sized using industry-standard pot sizes. These sizes are smaller, though comparable, to true gallon measurements. Container size can be used as an indication of how mature the plant is, however, this isn’t always the case. To see visual representations of industry-standard container sizes, please visit our #ProPlantTip article or Video.

Discounts & Coupons

Only one coupon can be used per order and cannot be combined with other coupons to receive multiple discounts. Credit will not be given to unused portions of your coupon. Coupon codes exclude hard goods, grass plugs, warranties, and shipping and handling fees unless otherwise noted. Coupons must be applied at the time of purchase and cannot be applied to an order that's already been placed.

Mobile Program Terms of Service

Enrollment in the Service requires you to provide your mobile phone number and to agree to these terms and conditions. You may not enroll if you are under 18 years old. Before the Service starts, you will need to agree to these Terms. Nature Hills reserves the right to stop offering the Service at any time with or without notice.

By opting into the Service, you:

Authorize Nature Hills to use auto dialer or non-auto dialed technology to send recurring text messages to the mobile phone number associated with your opt-in (i.e., the number listed on the opt-in form or, if none, the number from which you send the opt-in, or, if none, the number on file for the account associated with your opt-in).

Acknowledge that you do not have to agree to receive messages as a condition of purchase.

Confirm that you are the subscriber to the relevant phone number or that you are the customary user of that number on a family or business plan and that you are authorized to opt in.

Consent to the use of an electronic record to document your opt-in. To request a free paper or email copy of the opt-in or to update our records with your contact information, please email customer service customer-support.naturehills.com. To view and retain an electronic copy of these Terms or the rest of your opt-in, you will need (i) a device (such as a computer or mobile phone) with Internet access, and (ii) either a printer or storage space on such device. For an email copy, you'll also need an email account you can access from the device, along with a browser or other software that can display the emails.

Content You May Receive

Once you affirm your choice to opt-in to the Service on 82651, your message frequency may vary. You may receive alerts about:

  1. Sale promotions
  2. Event information
  3. Product launch announcements
  4. Cart reminders
  5. Back-in-stock alerts
  6. Price drop alerts
  7. Low inventory alerts

Charges and Carriers

Message and data rates may apply. Please consult your service agreement with your wireless carrier or contact your wireless carrier to determine your phone's pricing plan and the charges for sending and receiving text messages. You acknowledge that you are responsible for any message, data or other charges incurred (usage, subscription, etc.) as a result of using the Service.

Supported carriers are AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cricket, Alltel, Cincinnati Bell, Cellcom, C-Spire, nTelos, MetroPCS, and other smaller regional carriers. The Service may not be available on all wireless carriers. Nature Hills may add or remove any wireless carrier from the Service at any time without notice. Nature Hills and mobile carriers are not responsible for any undue delays, failure of delivery, or errors in messages.

To Stop the Service

To stop receiving text messages from Nature Hills, text the word STOP to 82651 any time or reply STOP to any of the text messages you have received from Nature Hills. After texting STOP to 82651, you will receive one additional message confirming that your request has been processed.


You can text HELP for help at any time to 82651. This will provide you with an email to customer service (customer-support.naturehills.com). You can also contact us at Nature Hills 2336 S 156th Circle Omaha, Nebraska 68130.

Changes to Terms

These Mobile Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Governing Law & Dispute Resolution

By purchasing plant material, customers accept Nature Hills Nursery’s Terms of Service, constituting the entire agreement. Our liability will not be greater than the cost paid for the customer’s order in any circumstance.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Nature Hills Nursery and any subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, officers, directors, agents, contractors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third-party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms of Service or the documents they incorporate by reference, or your violation of any law or the rights of a third-party.