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Knock Out® Roses

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  1. Red Double Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-10
    As low as $19.50
  2. Pink Double Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-9
    As low as $79.19
  3. Sunny Knock Out® Rose Zones: 4-11
    As low as $69.29
  4. Red Knock Out® Rose Zones: 4-9
    As low as $19.50
  5. Pink Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-11
    As low as $79.19
  6. Blushing Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-11
    As low as $19.50
  7. White Knock Out® Rose Zones: 4-11
    As low as $79.19
  8. Coral Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-11
    As low as $34.49
  9. Peachy Knock Out® Rose Zones: 4-10
    As low as $79.19
  10. Rainbow Knock Out® Shrub Rose Zones: 4-11
    As low as $79.99
  11. Petite Knock Out® Rose Zones: 5-9
    As low as $19.50
  12. Petite Knock Out® Rose Tree Form Zones: 5-10
    As low as $119.69
  13. Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree Zones: 5-10
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  14. Red Knock Out® Rose Tree Zones: 5-10
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  15. Coral Knock Out® Tree Rose Zones: 5-11
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18 Items

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Excellent Choice Knock Out® Roses

We've all got choices to make in life, don't we? Some of them seem "bigger" somehow—like which shade of gray to paint your living room; or which Knock Out® Roses to anchor your landscape design around.

You'll be living with your choice a long time, after all! At least your goals are easy to understand:

  • You want a fun backyard that you don't have to mess with very much.
  • Color is everything!
  • It has to look great pretty much all of the time.
  • You only want to do this it has to look better each year.

You'll never regret a decision to add revolutionary Knock Out Family of Roses to your landscape. These easy-to-grow shrub roses will reward you every day of the growing season.

All Knock Out Rose bushes are "self-cleaning". You don't even need to deadhead them once the flowers are faded!

Or course, it's fine to snip these beautiful blooms any time you like! Imagine gathering armloads to use indoors for showy cut flower arrangements!

Sure, you might have to buy strong, sturdy gloves to wrestle with the thorns. But, you knew that Roses have prickly thorns on the stems before you came to visit the Rose category page...didn't you?

Get a season-long show of blooms from spring to frost! Even beginning gardeners can enjoy a lavish presentation...starting from the very first season.

How Many Knock Out Roses Should I Buy from

Let's start the topic by saying it's not a good idea to cram your Rose shrubs together. Give Roses plenty of healthy air circulation.

Don't Stress Your Plant With Bad Air Circulation

But let's face it, no one wants a skimpy-looking landscape, either! Knock Out Roses make it so easy to get a full, lush look quickly.

When you are planning a new outdoor garden room, think in terms of scale. You'll need to order more plants if you have a larger place to fill.

Get creative with your space planning in your yard!

You'll live large with plenty of outdoor garden rooms and destination spots to enjoy! Use Peachy Knock Out Rose to create pretty specimen focal points that decorate your yard.

Maybe you need something colorful near your back door! Or, you have a large outdoor container by your front door, and want to fill them with cold-hardy shrubs to save money over time.

Measure your space first. Then, look at the Mature Spread box in the Plant Highlights section found on all of Rose product pages.

If your place is'll want to plant one in your favorite color one. If you have more room to fill; add two or three more for a small mass planting.

Make a colorful hedge with three or more lined up in a row in a new mulched planting bed. Run them along your front walk in a sunny spot; or edge your shrub border along your back fence.

Why do we recommend using three Knock Out Roses? Read about the Power of Three in Garden Design

Adaptable Knock Out Rose bushes can even be grown in containers to beautify patios and porches. Of course, you'll want to add them to mixed beds and borders, too.

How Far Apart Do I Space My Knock Out® Roses?

When you measure your Knock Out Rose hedge, use the smallest number listed for "Mature Spread". Find that information in the Plant Highlights on every product page.

Zigzag, or stagger, two or more rows for a quick fill. Checkerboard planting patterns are an effective way to quickly fill wide, open spaces with large groups and mass plantings of Knock Out Roses.

What Color Knock Out Rose Should I Choose?

These heat-loving flowering shrubs fit perfectly into your landscape theme. Shop our site to choose from a wide range of bloom colors! makes it easy to buy the Knock Out Roses you want, delivered right to your doorstep. As you can see, we grow a stunning array of colors to choose from!

Select from healthy cultivars that offer blooms in different shapes and sizes. Even the flowers boast a choice between single or double flowering petals!

Make the most of Knock Out Rose varieties everywhere in your garden. Get good vibes by including daiquiri-toned tropical Rose varieties like Rainbow Knock Out Rose and Sunny Knock Out Rose.

Add a fun, flirty look that doesn't take itself too seriously! Pink Double Knock Out Rose offers up to 24 petals per bloom from spring through frost!

Small Knock Out Rose varieties include Petite Knock Out Rose. We also carry Petite Knock Out Rose Tree varieties, if you prefer your Miniature Roses at eye level!

Yes, Roses Belong in Butterfly Gardens

You'll love the look...and your local butterflies will appreciate the long-lasting nectar resource. People should add Roses into the Butterfly Gardens and Pollinator Gardens a LOT more than they do now.

Why? Butterflies and beneficial pollinators need quick energy and there is a lot of competition for room at the neighborhood flowers.

Think about it in terms of a popular urban district in the red-hot heart of your city. Is it sometimes challenging to get a seat at the latest restaurant?

Incorporate shrubs, annuals and perennials to create a stunning show of beautiful flowers. Knock Out Roses with their repeat blooms from spring to frost give essential pollinators, hummingbirds and butterflies plenty of options for nectar.

Get early-season blooms by simply layering in flowering shrubs like our Ninebark, Elderberries and Red Twig Dogwood shrubs. Plant taller bushes on the north or northwest side of your Rose bushes, so you don't shade out their blooms.

Then, add your favorite color Knock Out Rose. Anywhere you use them becomes a Pollinator Garden!

How to Care for the Knock Out Family of Roses

These durable plants are both cold-hardy and heat tolerant. They fit into any sunny landscape in most climates.

Are Roses Hard to Take Care Of?

Honestly, if you choose a good planting site, Knock Out Roses are very easy to care for. Plant your Roses in full sun, with well-drained soil.

What Does Full Sun Mean?

What Does Well-Drained Soil Mean?

Knock Out Roses are the most disease-resistant Roses on the market! That means you won't be out there spraying, fussing about black spot, rust or powdery mildew.

Knock Out Roses are easy to grow and hardy in growing zones 5-9. These modern Rose bushes are naturally compact and bushy, but can be pruned to fit into smaller spaces.

Don't trim Knock Out Roses in the fall. Wait until early spring as Knock Out Roses start to grow for the season!

Each year, you'll cut back all the stems down to six inches. Wear thick gloves to protect your hands!

Feed them with a balanced Rose fertilizer immediately after pruning. For the best show of continuous rose blooms, feed Knock Out Roses a specially-formulated Rose food immediately after each bloom cycle. is happy to offer amazing Knock Out® Roses for sale. It's so easy and rewarding to order them from us!