Prostrate Rosemary

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A decorative herb for a dry garden! 

The smell when you brush up against it is enough to take you back. That trip to Italy, when you shared the hostel with those irrepressible Australians and that quiet, but intriguing Laplander, was certainly unforgettable. No matter where you were – the ruins, the vineyards, the city café, the country bike trail – there was the unmistakable smell of rosemary. If it wasn’t in the garden, it was in the food and occasionally it was even in the drinks. Those Italians know how to live life!

Even if Italy isn’t on your itinerary this year you can bring some of that love of life home by ordering Ground Cover Rosemary (Rosemary officinalis 'prostratus') from us today.

This hardy woody herb is a low-growing plant that is covered in scented ‘needles’ that are full of very aromatic oils. It is very pretty as it quickly spreads. As a bonus, it has small blue flowers in the spring. This is a culinary-level plant, so you can use it fresh or dried to season fish and poultry or to deepen the profile of soups and stews. We love how our hands smell after we spend a while trimming up our rosemary.

Ground Cover Rosemary is a magnificent spreader and will cover bare spots in warm, dry gardens quickly, but it also drapes beautifully. Use it to spill out of a container or pour over the edge of a dry wall. It also makes a show stopping hanging basket.

You will love Ground Cover Rosemary, so order yours – and a few memories - today.

* Full sun
* Easy care
* Heat and drought tolerant once established
* Culinary herb
* Great fresh or dried
* Scented foliage
* Blue flowers in spring


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Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'