Oriental Poppy

Oriental Poppy

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The Oriental Poppy, Papaver orientale, is a flowering perennial. Many cultivars have been developed and each plant produces gorgeous bloom colors. The plants have mounds of fine, hairy types of leaves, and the colorful flowers are abundant in the spring. During the summer the plants are dormant and should be watered only during extreme drought. In the fall, the plants will green up, and some may remain green over the winter in warmer climates.

Poppies do not like overwatering or waterlogged soils, so be careful and do not overwater! They prefer full sun to partial shade. In drought conditions they may turn brown, but they will green up again with fall or spring rains. Poppies are a very hardy and durable plant with a deep tap root which allows them to thrive in harsh, droughty conditions. These plants are deer and disease resistant!
Although oriental poppies are related to Papaver bracteatum, which is well known in the narcotic trade, this species, however, does not produce any narcotic alkaloids such as morphine or codeine.