Bergenia Plants

Bergenia Plants

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Bergenia is a perennial plant that is known for its hardiness and evergreen leaves. It is sometimes called elephant’s ears because of its large leaf size. Because the Bergenia plant displays striking foliage throughout the year, it makes it a great landscape plant. There is also autumn blooming Bergenia in a few varieties, but often Bergenia will be one of the first blooms of spring.

A versatile plant for use as a ground cover, edging, or container gardening, Bergenia plants are easily grown in average, medium, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade. It is tolerant of a wide range of soils, but prefers moist, humous ones. The plant grows from rhizomes so should be divided every couple of years. Bergenia plants prefer partly shaded environments. In colder weather, heavy winds can harm Bergenia so it would be useful to provide a little wind protection. It is considered an evergreen in the South.