Bergenia Plants

Bergenia Plants

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Pretty Spring Flowering Evergreen Perennials

Bergenia is a perennial plant that is known for its cold hardiness and unusual evergreen leaves. It is sometimes called Elephant's Ears because of its large leaf size, but because of the glossy leaves making a 'squeaky' sound when you rub a finger over them, giving them their more common name of Pig Squeak!

Because the Bergenia displays striking rosettes and clumps of foliage throughout the growing season, even year-round in mild climates! These grow and spread by way of underground rhizomes and the bold foliage makes it a great landscape plant and garden filler!

Then the tall slender stems emerge in the very early spring springs from the center of their rosette backdrops, each produces many branched large round cluster of ruffled florets in pinks, rosy reds, or violets. Fragrant and long-lasting, these blooms offer early emerging nectar for pollinators and are lovely in cut flower bouquets!

Originating from Central Asia, and growing beautifully in both cold or warm climates, Pigsqueak foliage develops gorgeous bronzy red to orange fall color plus the added bonus of an occasional autumn rebloom!

Bergenia Uses and Care

This is a versatile perennial is a clumping, creeping plant that is excellent when used as groundcover, landscape bed edging, or as facer plants to tidy up and a special sparkle to older, leggier shrub borders or hedges. Let them gradually fill in between bare areas around shrubs or trees, or even larger perennials without worry they will get into trouble with their neighbors.

The perfect size to use in container gardening, and as planter fillers and glossy greenery, or as thrillers when in bloom! Snip a few stems for your bouquets, and leave some for your early-emerging butterflies and bees to enjoy!

Plant in shady landscapes like:

  • Cottage Gardens
  • Moist Rock Gardens
  • Throughout Pollinator Gardens
  • Cutting Gardens
  • Mixed Perennial borders
  • As a tactile plant in Sensory Gardens
  • On hillsides and slopes to slow erosion.
  • Along walkways and paths as a shiny foliage edging


Bergenia are easily grown in average to rocky, well-drained soils. It is tolerant of a wide range of soils, but prefers moist, humous ones. All plants appreciate mulched beds and regular moisture during their initial growing season. But then just need occasional waterings during heat and drought.

Bergenia plants prefer partly shaded environments where they grow best. Highly adaptable to full sun in cooler climates, in part shade in all, but need moist full shade in hot growing zones.

The plant spreads from rhizomes so should be divided every couple of years. In colder weather, icy winds can harm Bergenia so it would be useful to provide winter protection and a little wind protection, likewise with containerized plants.

It is considered an evergreen in the South and other mild winter climates.

Fall In Love With Pigsqueak!

Nature Hills offers several beautiful varieties of this lovely flowering perennial for you to include in your landscape!

Click on a picture above to learn more or call Nature Hills Nursery's knowledgeable customer service associates at (402) 934-8116 to order your own Bergenia today!