Green America Awards


We’re Looking for a Few Great Community Gardens 

Announcing the 2014 Green America Awards 

At Nature Hills Nursery, we have prospered from growing and selling plants. Now it’s time for us

 to give back. That’s why we created the Green America Awards.

The Nature Hills Nursery Green America Awards program honors non-profit community groups who make their local neighborhoods better places to live by planting trees, bushes and shrubs. Every year, the Green America Awards gives plants to worthy community gardening projects. And this year, the final winners will be chosen by YOU based upon votes cast on the Nature Hills Nursery Facebook page.

Facebook Voters Select 2014 Green America Awards Winners

From the entries received, Nature Hills Nursery will select a list of finalists. From then on, the finalists who advance in each round of voting will be based upon the votes they receive on the Nature Hills Nursery Facebook page. Just “like” Nature Hills Nursery on Facebook and you are eligible to vote.

Official 2014 Green America Awards News Release 

What types of community improvement projects qualify?

The award winners will be chosen from those groups who submit a local environment community project that makes best use of the trees, bushes and shrubs that Nature Hills Nursery will award. Our goal is to help the winners create places of beauty and nature in their local communities.

Examples of Potential Green America Award Winning Projects:

- A local soil erosion control plan that utilizes plants to stabilize steep hillside slopes or river banks

- The reclamation of an abandoned lot where a house or factory once stood with the creation of a fruit orchard that will provide much needed fruit to nearby low-income residents

- Creating or refurbishing the landscape in a community park

- Creating a wildlife habitat for birds or animals on donated land that has been neglected

At Nature Hills Nursery, our goal is to help communities reclaim land, turning eyesores into oases. We want to help dedicated individuals, groups and organizations make their local communities better by providing a living gift of trees and plants that not only clean the air but also provide natural beauty.

Contest Details:

For 2014, Nature Hills Nursery will donate $2,500 of plant materials to the top three community gardening and community beautification projects. The First Place winner will receive $1,500 in plants. The Second Place winner will receive $750 in plants, and the Judge’s winner will receive $250 in plants. The plant materials can consist of a combination of trees, fruit trees, bushes, shrubs, and perennials.

First Place - $1,500 in plants (Example 25 perennials, 45 small fruit bushes, 50 shrubs, 15 fruit trees, 15 trees)

Second Place - $750 in plants

Judge's Award - $250 in plants

Application Dates: January 15th, 2014 through April 17, 2014    

Prize Details: Awards will be issued to each winner in the form of a gift certificate which can be redeemed for plants from Nature Hills Nursery. Winners must place their plant order by May 31, 2015. ONE ORDER and ONE SHIPMENT per winner.

Eligibility Requirements: Eligible submissions will be accepted from charitable, educational or community organizations that operate as a non-profit entity. Awarded plants must be used to complete a project plan and cannot be sold or used in any way other than for the project described in the application submitted by the organization.

Press: 2014 - Official Press Release

Final winners of the 2014 Nature Hills Nursery Green America Awards, as determined by Facebook voting, will be announced on the Nature Hills Nursery Facebook page and on Nature Hills Home Page on May 22, 2014. 

For More Information: Questions about the Green America Awards can be sent to No phone calls will be accepted.