Pluot Trees

Pluot Trees

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Delicious, Natural Cross Between Apricot and Plum

Gorgeous, delicious, healthy Pluot is a natural cross of Plum and ApricotPluot trees are a natural, hand-pollinated cross between apricot and plum trees first created by the fruit hybridizing genius, Floyd Zaiger.

The Pluot tree is technically called an "Interspecific Plum" and it produces an attractive, delicious freestone fruit that blends the best qualities of both parents.

Because the tree looks a bit more similar to a Plum than an Apricot tree, Zaiger called them plu-ots. You pronounce it like this "Puh - loo - ought" and you'll smile when you eat one fresh.

Easy to grow, Pluot trees grow best in winter climates that are cold enough for plant dormancy. They do best with a pollinator partner, which could be another Pluot variety, or one of the Plum varieties.

Pluot trees produce lovely white flowers in the springtime and the actual fruit begins to appear in the summer. If you choose the pollinator plants wisely, you can extend your season of fruit. Planting a Flavor Delight with a Flavor King and a Flavor Grenade would give you nonstop fruit from early to late season.

Try planting several varieties of Pluot fruit trees together in a single, large hole. You'll save space, increase pollination and with careful pruning, grow a single tree with 3 trunks. Called High Density planting, this technique for home gardeners is tried and true. 

Most often eaten fresh and raw, fruit from the Pluot tree can also be used in cooking, from jams, salads, salsa, and grilled as a side dish. The fruit from Pluot trees is smoothly textured, like that of a Plum. But the taste and scent of a Pluot is sweet and intense. It tastes more like an Apricot.

Grow super sweet Pluot trees at home. These are beautiful, kid friendly fruits that taste deliciously sweet. You'll love how nutritious Pluots are, absolutely loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, potassium and a goodly helping of fiber. Don't worry, the kids will never know it's "good for you!"

There is nothing better than fresh fruit you grew yourself!