Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Rose of Sharon Shrubs

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  1. White Chiffon® Rose of Sharon Shrub Zones: 5-9
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  2. Minerva Rose of Sharon Shrub Zones: 5-9
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  3. Pink Chiffon® Rose of Sharon Shrub Zones: 5-9
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  4. Red Heart Rose of Sharon Shrub Zones: 5-8
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  5. Lucy Rose of Sharon Zones: 5-9
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  6. Blushing Bride Rose of Sharon Zones: 5-9
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  7. Ardens Rose of Sharon Shrub Zones: 5-9
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  8. Aphrodite Rose of Sharon Zones: 5-9
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Happy Go Lucky Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Rose of Sharon shrubs are bloomers without peer. They bloom profusely every day for months in the second half of summertime!

The stunning flowers come in a variety of colors and colorways. Choose between streaks, dark centers, frills, double petals, purple, blue, red, magenta, pink and pure white!

Check out your favorite Althea Rose of Sharon pink varieties. We are always bringing on new, improved, seedless Rose of Sharon varieties...including those with wild new colors!

Whether you want to start a collection, or just one...Rose of Sharon makes a durable choice for beginners. Anyone who wants an easy-care, command performance should strongly consider these beautiful shrubs.

"Hardy Hibiscus" or "Althea" are common names for deciduous Rose of Sharon flowering shrubs that are botanically known as Hibiscus syriacus. Plant them once, and they'll entertain you year after year.

Rose of Sharon is a heat lover and can easily tolerate sweltering summers. Go ahead and plant a tropical-style paradise!

In a long, sunny border...add excitement by pairing two coordinated varieties. For instance, choose two that both have accented blooms with scarlet streaks in the center.

Start with a row of the white-flowering First Editions® Bali™ Rose of Sharon as a backdrop. Then, place a compact purple Althea like Lil Kim Violet Rose of Sharon in front.

Create a fantastic garden feature for many months each year with Rose of Sharon and landscape shrub Roses. Miracle on the Hudson or Purple Heart Rose bushes make a perfect finish.

Buying your Althea shrubs from couldn't be any easier. Order any time of year, and we'll send your Althea tracking order by email.

Our team will prep your plant and ship when the time is right for planting in your area. Watch your inbox for a shipping tracking number for your new Rose of Sharon shrubs.

Life is short! Set the stage for plenty of good times with the care-free drama of showy Althea.

Get planting and care tips here >>

Grow Rose of Sharon as a Shrub, Or as a Tree-Form

Study the Plant Highlights to learn the mature height and spread for each cultivar. Leave your shrubs as-is to grow into a naturally multi-stemmed shrub. Or, choose our expertly crafted tree-form accent plants with a single main trunk.

Want instant results? Select our expertly crafted Rose of Sharon Tree-Form plants for a showy focal point you'll be proud to show off.

Shop our Rose of Sharon Tree-Form collection >>

Scientific Plant Breeding Delivers Modern Seedless Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Species Althea produces seed; so modern breeders have been developing seedless and near-seedless cultivars. We sell many seedless Rose of Sharon shrubs that behave very well in landscape settings.

Nature Hills is thrilled to offer high-quality plants from so many top breeding programs at our extensive online storefront. Proven Winners® and other premium plant breeding brands have been very hard at work producing seedless Rose of Sharon shrubs.

Cultivars with frilly double flowers produce less fertile seeds. It's harder to pollinate the stamens and pollen sacs amongst the lavish froth of flower petals.

All the Chiffon® series of Rose of Sharon make a great choice for nearly seedless options. Mix and match your favorites for a soft, romantic backyard backdrop.

Sugar Tip® Rose of Sharon brings a little more drama, but stays sugar sweet. You'll love studying the crimson red streaked centers.

Of course, there are some notable exceptions to the double flower guideline. One of the first seedless Altheas was the celestial single blooms of Blue Azzuri Rose of Sharon.

Make Rose of Sharon Shrubs the Star of the Show

No matter how large or small your space'll find a role for Rose of Sharon shrubs. Give your yard the look of the tropics with these cold-hardy Hibiscus.

Use one as an anchor in your foundation plating. Add one to decorate a bungalow...and add a trio in a mass planting at the corner of a larger home.

Line your fence with these lushly branched shrubs...then rest and relax with family and friends in your own private playground!

Add a tree-form Althea to an outdoor Zen Garden. They'll also be an amazing focal point in a sunny corner of your Balcony Life.

Tips to Create a Meditation Garden

Grow Rose of Sharon in the Ground or Keep them in Containers

With yearly pruning, you can grow any Althea in a large outdoor garden container quite easily. Dress up your balcony lifestyle with their cheerful color!

Get 365 Gorgeous Days with Hardy Containers

If space is limited, or you have a narrow planting spot in can't go wrong with the Pillar Series. These columnar Althea come in either white and lavish purple and red blooms.

Plant up several matching pots and place them at the far end of your entertainment area to get a big presentation. You'll feel proud of your chic "living wallpaper".

How to Create a Destination Spot in Your Garden

Althea Gives Great Butterfly, Hummingbird and Pollinator Nectar Support

Rose of Sharon blooms profusely in late summer and into the fall. Enjoy lovely late summer flowers....all the local butterflies certainly will.

Althea is one of the most attractive choices for butterflies. Plant a short row of these hardy Hibiscus as a backdrop in a Butterfly Garden.

Care Tips for Rose of Sharon Shrubs

Rose of Sharon prefers full sun and well drained, moist soils. Althea is a beautiful shrub that does not take much care beyond consistent watering.

They leaf out late in the spring. Don't stress if all the other plants are leafed out and your Rose of Sharon is last.

Prune the Rose of Sharon in late winter. Light or no pruning will allow the Rose of Sharon shrubs to bloom profusely with smaller flowers. Heavy pruning will create larger flowers, but you'll have less of them.

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Because of our geographical reach, we won't ship into certain areas where species plants do "too well". That's why we've taken serious steps to stop the spread of potentially invasive plant material.

We may not be able to ship Rose of Sharon to you, if your state has a regulation on the books. Our shipping management software—Plant Sentry&trade—protects us from shipping regulated plant materials into those areas.

Plant Sentry stays up to date on all federal and state restrictions. Type your zip code into the Growing Zone Finder above the Plant Highlights section of every product page on

Enjoy online plant shopping the responsible way with You'll be so excited to open your sturdy box filled with high-end Rose of Sharon shrubs!