Drift® Roses

Drift® Roses

Summer Dreaming With Drift® Roses

Roses have gotten a bad rap in the past for being more work than their worth but Drift® Roses aim to turn that reputation upside down. Their tagline sums it up nicely: Groundcover Roses Made Easy®.

The Drift series has been painstakingly bread to stay a manageable size and bloom continuously from spring until the first frost. More blooms and less work is their continued goal.

This brand is part of the Star® Roses and Plants family, which has been bringing exceptional plants to gardens around the world since 1897. As you can imagine, they've learned a thing or two over the last century and they'd like to share their creations with you!

You won't be the only ones enthralled by these delightful re-blooming blossoms. Beneficial pollinators like butterflies will be attracted in droves. Their lackadaisical fluttering will add to your garden allure.

In more detail, these varieties are crosses between full-size groundcover roses and miniatures. They've taken the best qualities from the former, such as their toughness, hardiness, and disease resistance along with the petite size and reblooming nature of the latter.

With all this in mind, it's no surprise these have been gardeners favorites since their introduction in 2000. Explore their groundcover roses below and start building your dream garden.

Imaginative Garden Inspiration

Red roses, yellow roses, and everything in between can be found in this collection. Use them as a colorful border to your perennial garden beds or on your property line. Use one variety for a pristine look or mix and match to create a scheme all your own.

Fill in any empty space in your front yard garden for easy, low-maintenance show-casing. Their constant reblooming will ensure a gorgeous first impression to any guests you have over.

Friends and neighbors will want to know your secret to such a beautiful rose garden. We'll leave it up to you whether you share your secrets or not!

As a groundcover, these shrubs do quite well at controlling hillside erosion and keeping gentle slopes intact. Add one to your hilly landscape and you won't have to worry about waking up one spring morning to a messy mudslide.

Use Peach Drift® Rose in a container on your back patio as an accent among other varieties or as a standalone statement piece that's sure to be noticed by all.

For a bolder splash of color, try planting a Red Drift® Rose or a Popcorn Drift® Rose for a subtler pop of pastel to tie everything together.

Plant one of each variety in your cutting garden and create a stunning bouquet of roses for your kitchen counters or dining room tables. They have fairly long stems that are perfect for flower arrangements.

Drift Rose #ProPlantTips

This collection was created to be so easy to care for that even those of us with brown thumbs can find success. Following a few simples rules will increase your chances even more.

First, you must pick the correct spot to plant. It should be somewhere in full sun, receiving at least six hours of sunlight each day. You'll also want to make sure the soil is well-drained so the roots won't be continuously soggy.

Not sure what kind of soil you have? No problem, dig your hole and pour around five gallons of water in it. If the water is gone in an hour, you have yourself some well-drained soil. If not, consider creating a mound about a foot and a half above ground level and planting in that.

You can also install a raised bed. These are great for controlling drainage as well as soil composition.

Once you've settled your rose, and its root ball, into its new home, water thoroughly and watch it thrive. If you'd like, go ahead and deadhead the spent flowers for a cleaner look. However, deadheading is not strictly necessary.

The last step in the process we suggest doing is mulching around the base of your plant. This helps protect the roots from the scorching summer sun and will conserve water. Plus, mulch has a way of elevating the overall aesthetic of whichever garden it's added to.

Start your journey as a rose gardener today with the Drift collection. Browse our collection below and see why these shrubs are landscapers' favorites!

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